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  1. Even if the limit was 10 there would still be trolls lets be honest.
  2. Honestly TMP5 server should stay as is but NCZ should be applied to it so chaos wouldnt be common as role-playing had a high potential but everyone chose to go to calais be reckless and jump the bridge. By applying NCZ to the server this would be a alternative to EU4 since EU4 is mostly empty and a great opportunity to do role-playing and have fun with friends. The server as seen made a huge impact on TMP with people leaving EU2 and TMP5 server being full. TMP should take this matter into consideration and fulfill this demand to make TMP a better and enjoyable Game.
  3. +1 By doing this EU2 traffic would be reduced because lets be honest most people are there to push the metal to the pedal and cause all kinds of accidents. Eu4 would be an alternative to everyone wishing to go all out and race with their trucks but not harming anyone around them. I cant understand how this wasnt implemented in the first place. I reckon this will be implemented as it has been a large demand for EU4 to be non speed limited. Lets hope this is taken into consideration and make EU4 a fun server as it always has been.
  4. +1 keyboards users like me would findit helpful
  5. Yes Mark this as solved thanks guys
  6. Is going out of boundaries allowed in Europe 4 no collision server?
  7. Pressing F7 when your gas is low can basically give u free gas so you do this continuously and you save yourself gas money ez
  8. - https://steamcommunity.com/id/TruckerGR/ - I found out about TMP by watching ets2mp funny moments and livestreams on YouTube - my favourite aspect of TMP is the quick support of new DLCs and Updates on the game when they come out as they are supported on MP in less than 2 days. - The feature i would like to see implemented on TMP would be support for ProMods in MP and i believe everyone agrees with my statement. Good luck EVERYBODY! Best wishes, Andrew.
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