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  1. Well yes but actually no. What i hoped tmp to do is to put a limit on the cd road but they wanted to put it for the whole map. I take long trips and 110 well yeah for long straight journeys isnt enough. With 150 i was pleased because scodas could actually pass me rather than trucks racing with scodas in the 110 speed limit. Increasing the limit outweighs the disadvantages in my opinion but it won't happen.
  2. There will probably be but its too early. Here we have 25c and we wear summer clothes lmao.
  3. Android for customization IOS for Simplicity
  4. I only report people that dont apologize for their actions. You can even ram me head on if you say sorry we good
  5. GeForce GTX 1050ti Windforce OC. Still serves me well. I will upgarde it but it suits me well for now. @Spy_agent that card is very good for ETS2. I had a hd 7700 and i played on ultra settings.
  6. Yes Have you tried Greek food?
  7. +1. This will not only be convenient but also cause less problems as people yet dont know how to mute people so they get angry and things escalate from there
  8. +1. I mean cars are pretty much useless now with the 110kmh speed limit but a variety of them would be nice to choose from
  9. Defjay or truckers fm but tfm gets cringy sometimes so i switch to simulator radio ect
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