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  1. C-D is driven by players with ban or hvy ban history. Simple answer is - base game is 5 bucks. Or the other way around -> they are just too cheap or under age (16- yo) to make their own cash. People without bans and DLCs drive everywhere else and sometimes in ProMods (map size). Also - "Because people love that road and due to crowd people get a sense of realism" - this is half right. The second part of the sentance is correct and for the wrong reason, but that is due to the absence of traffic AI that TMP does not want on servers. And it on itself is proven to be a problem for these two reasons: 1. Children are everywhere (unable to drive properly) and 2. the AI is just stupid and limited (runs with truck speed limiter ON and was never fixed by the game developers).
  2. Amasing! I have never expected such a situation - for the 1st time TMP team is behind ProMods team.
  3. Great guide, but there is one thing missing - you don't tell that the game is meant to be played with a 900 degree steering wheels. Let's not kid ourselves here. The better drivers in the game are s-wheel users. Meaning, to be succesful you need to have one (clutch pedal needed). This also implies you know how to drive a car and you can obey the rules of the road... the game is nor an arcade. If you grasp the simulation concept, then this game will be fun for you. If not, please go play NFS type games. That should have existed as well... whould have limit the bans given if people understand it.
  4. The only problem with "not being able to" is with your belives about Internet purchases. I hope I neiled it. For myself, I prefer to use vouchers. Providing the Internet with my bank details is out of the question. Thus I can't donate or subscribe. I want to, but I can't find a way to do so. If payment was possible via the Steam platform, yes I could do it in an instant.
  5. I only hope that v.1,37 for ETS 2 will be available in the same day as ProMods 2.46. Otherwise it's a bummer... for me.
  6. Niuro_BG


    Hello, after a somewhat misunderstood conversation over Discord a couple of days ago, you gave me a great idea: Suggestion Name: Unaffiliated with World of Trucks weekly / monthly events/convoys and in time zones with rewards. Suggestion Description: Because of the way the MP mod works almost all of the great content of Steam workshop is locked. But what IF we could have some (not all) custom paint jobs, accessories, etc. as in the begger events arround the year? How does it work?: 1st of I would like to explain why not WoT - it does not support ProMods. We are well aware that most players are either cheap (unwilling to get the extentions upon promo days and yes the game is not that expensive), just got too many bans for bad driving skills or just lack the time and motivation for something more than a 1 hour drive . As SJMAXiK suggested he could close C-D line if need be. Where am I going wit this? - It's rather simple and will envolve everyone. An event may be ran in 3,5 steps: a./ vote for a reward type; b./ set the goal and rules of the event (the fun part); b1./ use only one radio station or Discord; c. / execute the deed. One thing is missing at this point - what is the role of time zones in all this? As we know, not only Europeans play here. Much of the Asian community is still in Europe because they play mostly on the ProMods server, as mentioned in the conversation. Therefore, UK time is not the best solution for events. At least 2-3 groups / time zones should be given a chance. Why? Let's look at it this way -> East Asia plays online in EU morning to late afternoon. This means that they do not have access to UK events (later hours). The situation with Eastern Europe is similar, but mostly time specific. The time difference dramatically reduces the involved. In this order of thought, the three groups are a wiser choice. Of course, this means that there will also be 3 separate event locals, but there is no lack of servers. "Companies" focused on escorting convoys will be pleasantly busy. Any example images: There is no other such game and it's not possible to provide such assets yet. Why should it be added?: Well... there is a reason for that - only fractions of both maps are used per server and just 2 places to be C-D or Kirkines. It needs to change and this is the way (IMO). I stil don't know why C-D is prefered though, but I know why the other one is adored - dirt track; tight road; steep ups and downs; fun element; hard to master. Where elsewhere can we have this FUN? - answer - Everywhere, but not alone. The reward at the end of such a jorney would be really good, not just the satisfaction of been in one piece. P.S.: I don't mind doing the paper work. I do something similar in my life job place.
  7. Suggestion Name: Web page -> Information -> Traffic statistics repare process Suggestion Description: It is unrealistic with a confusing presentation and absent legent explaining the "mesurments". Tha amount of players should be presented as: None - 0; Few - 1 to 10; Low - 11 to 20; Avererage - 21 to 40; Moderate - 41 to 60; Heavy - 61 to 100; Congested - 101 to 200; Unusable - 201+ Any example images: added one Why should it be added?: It makes more sense and is easier to understand by reading it. Especially for the ProMods case where more is better. That is it. I hope this makes sense to those of you who are involved in web page development. Regards,
  8. Hello, It need's to said, because it is becoming a problem on this server. Suggestion Name: More Police and true Pilot car support (people knowing what they do) on key roads and destinations, also valid for server 1, without teleporting people at random. Just the problem ones and the rammers. Suggestion Description: Absent admin presence on "Death road Kirkines" when more than 80 players are present. Technicaly it's arround 16:30h~19:30h on week days and arround 16:30h~22:00h on weekends (UTC+2). Problem zones: The Dam; all "U"-shaped turns, especially bridges and the tunnel (you can never tell if there are incoming trucks/scouts. Also when going up there the CB should be of a specific channel. Problem drivers: China and Turkey; VTCs Prime logistics, Viva trucking (They have realy **** drivers. Sorry, but that is the reality). Any example images: Let's see... I have these, because I don't do a lot of them. Why should it be added?: Traffic must be in controll until the problem elements learn how to play/drive properly and learn to give way and patience. They just ruin the fun of it (the force feedback and the road itself) and you whach idiots at best : simpletons at their worst. Thank you for having me,
  9. That is an ok idea, but it seems the guy - wpx_ - has never played MMO games before. Then he should have asked for a wisper and team chat messages.
  10. Mate, I see a problem just there - how do you tell when you are exiting alone or there is no one going out when you try to enter? That's a good one. Think before you write as a masochist ban lover. I have nothing more to say. A big fat NO from me.
  11. I would not call it problematic, but do we really need such a thing? Isn't it better to have a server suggestion in this case? Exl.: Server 1 - 4000/4100 pax -> I with a 10-30 Mbps (upload and download 1:1) Internet -> NO ENTRY -> go for Server 2 - 300/2000 pax or ProMods. The fix is easy: - if you are from the EU - get a faster Net, about 50:50 Mbps is perfect = no lag for you; - if you are from the Great Outside you gonna need a lot more juice, also learn to drive properly. China and Turkey that is you, YES you . Thus the MP team is not at fault.
  12. It is a good idea for Singleplayer, when you are a total noob with driving - no sriving skills at all (you don't have a diver's license). Otherwise it is a colision to happen magnet.
  13. Instead of pictures, let's use directionnal triangles/prisms or arrows. The dots make problems. That is, if this part of the game is programable...
  14. Niuro_BG

    ProMods server

    Suggestion Description: either limit acces to the EU server or devide it as before (2*3000) Any example images: not needed Why should it be added? Well.. here is what goes on -> every single time a group of chinese, I don't mind them by the way everyone has the right to play, gather on the same strech of road, every other person begins to fly or is removed forcefully from the road/path. Now, as it happend to me as well, I dare gues the reason - cheats or overriting the admin commands. This has to stop. Please, do something about it.
  15. Handanovic, интересна теория брато, но на практика това е невъзможно. Прекалено голяма е разновидността от български граждани, ако разбираш на къде бия. Чисто технически и по изискванията за VTC на мрежовият мод, реално имаме играчи за не повече от 2-3 "фирми", като само една от тях има достатъчно играчи за ПроМодс-а. Проблемът обаче е, че всеки иска да е шеф, без да има лидерски умения => има толкова много дребни превозвачи, живеещи не повече от 2-3 месеца. За да може да се случи това, което всички искаме, е желателно да бъдат изпълнени следните точки: - да не се определя фирмен влекач; - да не се лимитират хората в модификациите на камиона, защото някой си бил само с основната част на играта; - да не се правят закономерности и квоти с неизпълними парамерти; + да има фирмена боя и поне един сегмент показващ, че сме българи; + да има ясна йерархия в групата -> big BOSS, заместник, началник конвои, капитани на конвоите (трафик контрол), инструктори, ,членове с шофьорски книжки и използващи волани, членове с шофьорски книжки без волани волани, членове без шофьорски книжки; + хората с лаг да се съпровождат от 2бр. шофьори на фирмата организатор. Това е нещо, което липсва навсякъде при нас; + да се правят шофьорски курсове за младоците без шоферски книжки и непознаващи правилата за движение по пътищата. Всички искат да се съберат на едно място, но никой не си дава сметка какво означава това и колко работа е включена. Благодаря за вниманието
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