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  1. Allow experienced players to be police officers. You must be of those that have never sefered a 24 hour or more ban from the servers (this excludes shopping and not knowing when and where the convoys are). Technically a normal person .
  2. BEST Solution - Let players 18+ with a driver's license B or better (presented either scanned or shot with a camera) to be active police officers on the servers. Permitions (things they can take from offenders): I. Money: 1st stricke - your cargo's worth; 2nd strike - 10 teleports; 3rd strike - no money from teleports for 12 hours; 4th strike - all of your money + 24 hours of no teleport money (see 3); 5th strike - 6 hours ban from TrukersMP with the penalties of "4th strike". II. Ban/Account suspention for: a - 1 hour if the above did not help prevent trolling and accidents; b - 1 day if has happened more than 3 times for the last 7 days (calender, not gameplay); c - 1 week if a+b+I is happening a lot and is a continious patern for that player; d - if there is no correction -> the case will be transfered to the moderators of the server. *That means there will be a public data bese from all the offences. The best part of this system will be that there will be much less incidents after a while. We all hate the SP_Police cars, then we should have people's Police, right? Sorry if there are spelling errors.
  3. Berov

    Flag(s) next to Name

    That is a great idea (lead post), but it is useless - flags. There is a much more interesting solution - custom trailler paint jobs. Where you may have the patern of your country alone. Expl.: UK -> UK, but if the person is from Germany => Germany. Simple and effective.
  4. Greetings community, I'll try to be objective. These are the things I concider imperative to/for the enjoyment of been a MP player: - custom mod based pint jobs and paint patterns +- some of the workshop; - more events with interesting prises; - bring the older truck models in (old school trucks); - allow adult players (21+) to play as the Police and to punish (take money from) the unicorn warpers and irresponcible drivers; - add minimum traffic to Italy - it's empty and borring; - fix the normal cargo market to always give a minimum of one cargo trailler per company, instead of 0; - continius voice chat mode with the radio station and better support for USB headphones. That's it. Is it possible to do atleast a couple of these? And please, don't say - "download will be huge". Most games today are above 35 gigs. Regards, Bochko
  5. Greetings, I have a couple of odd questions: - When can we expect to see some AI traffic in the MP? Most of the map is empty (France, Italy, Baltic region); - Is it a bug or it's intended to not have regular cargo and regular cargo for privately owned trailers, especially on servers 2 and 3? - Will there be more police presence on servers? Especially on tumor points? - Is it possible to play as a cop and punish (financially) the "road criminals" (people that not know how to drive at all), on servers N2 and N3? This may be a great option for some players, especially when the new region is unlocked. - Will there be a possibility to use custom paint mods from the workshop in MP? - Today in the morning hours, in Italy, I stumbled upon a Russian driver somewhere South of Rome. He had 3 trailers all in dark blue. That isn't normal. That is it. I have no more questions.
  6. If people avoid well populated routs and server 2, then there will be no problems.
  7. Please, close Duisburg-Calais or Calais-Duisburg for 2 hours in server 2 "Rush hout" time. Kick anyone using the rout. It's simple.
  8. The limit should be the one for the road +- 5km/h. Also, during "Rush hour" There should be more police presence in all servers, especially N2. Limitation on traffic is also a possibility by forcing people buy the french map. P.S.: I don't really care, because I avoid the rout like the Plague. I do have all the maps and the game is certainly much fun that way.
  9. In my opinion there should be a way to call the police/admins, when struck by a truck. Imagine you had to spend 1 hour driving from one end to the other and almost at the end of your journey, they come (mupets). How would you feel?!
  10. The longest possible with no disrespectful children on it.
  11. Respect is only half the problem. Most players are kids [...] Not to mention most don't even know the rules of how to drive properly. The MP will be more enjoyable if there is a driving school/test before entering. This way people that respect nothing will not be given access. There is no single server where accidents are rare. When I began, I hoped for fair play, but no.
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