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  1. Guys, just explain in plain text when reports can be made and people will follow. So far I understand that when I get damaged by a recless/mind abcent player and not at fault, I am allowed to send a video report between 30 sec and 1 min.. Also, I have seen that most moderators can't apply the general rule from lack of IRL experience and IRL knowledge. When ProMods is innactive from where do reports mostly come from? Is it not logical to place more in-game moderators on the main server at any time after Rush Hour had began, as we have users from all over the world 27/7?
  2. You already have these options in the Settings menu of the mod. Just saying.
  3. Proving is easy as long as the one looking at the material has played the mod for a long time. The "intentionnal" crash happens mostly when falsly overconfident "drivers" try to outsmart everybody around them. IMO 3 bans are plenty so that on the 4th access to Sim-servers is forbidden for 1 year. People either learn or not.
  4. You do not report in TMP this way. The chance is 1% for your report to get noticed. The moderators don't look at these, as they have a short window of oportunity. Instead record with software like "Medal" and send your report here - https://truckersmp.com/reports . You get 100% results. The TAB menu is useless for this case.
  5. Mr. Patron, don't worry. As long as you pay your sub, the moderation team will never ban you. The practice shows these results.
  6. Interesting suggestion with one answer - If you are that much bothered by it, then play in the arcady ones. No one would REC you there as collisions are off.
  7. This is correct. Simulation MMO experience my a**. It is arcade servers everywhere. I stick only for the idiot quarry road and the VTC-convoys. VTC system - create your own and stay alone. Community interaction - Add - people make insults fly all the time ove the CB-19. Create your own events - you forgot the quarry road.
  8. Hm... and how would a report moderator know this? Whould they ever speak with the offender?
  9. Just provide a more lenthy clip in your report by pointing the exact moments.
  10. The CB-station should apear in the TAB menu.
  11. Борислав

    TMP Bans

    Please, check my remarks. To elaborate further, TMP has laxed requiorements for new game and report moderators or pay no attention to who they accept, only that they have very positive Discord presence. The moderation teams have plenty of bad apples and care not to clean house, thus we write these suggestions, because of their innability to control their own staff. People like myself will never become moderators for one specific reason - having a driver's license = he knows what he's doing. TMP are afraid of people like me.
  12. I thing these are more accurate. In reality there is no simulation server as most of the singleplayer features are turned OFF.
  13. Dear MarkShark, have you considered the posibility of F11? Some people remove the overlay as it consumes about 10 to 50 fps, depending on the graph settings and PC power. On the other hand, if people stop to hard code and save edit their trucks and trailers, this suggestion will be useless. These are the main cause why you are unable to see the lights of the person infront of you, unless you are about 10 to 40 meters away. My suggestion for you is to upgrade your potato PC to something more modern (AMD5000+/Intel 12000+; GF3070+/AMD6700XT+) and use max graph settings with high or ultra distance/graphics in TMP.
  14. The CD and Quarry are known as "Idiot Roads". In my comment the people that play everywhere elsewhere on Sim1 and ProMods are in question.
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