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  1. When are you going to fix the day/night cycle?! It is really annoying at this point.
  2. With the changes added by SCS in the present BETA, I find his idea mostly needed.
  3. Wouldn't it be a better choice for you to play a truck racing game than a trucking job simulator? I often wonder why people that love high speeds play ETS2, yet there are a couple of good choices when it comes to racing.
  4. Hi, will there be a function, when selecting "public share" for a job, to add the job automaticaly into the company depot list? Expl.: Cargo of type Beer from with trailer X taken at depot Y. Upon generation to have generate for all with a countdown timer of 15 to 30 minuutes. This will be better than to have to click on every person. Is it doable?
  5. Is there some special way to spread a public job via the client? As it is, even with "public" selected, no one can see the dispatch. Do we do something wrong?
  6. So... what is the next step: a/ owned trailers (removing the dependancy on Trucky); b/ integrate distance and speed calculation as in Trucksbook; c/ fix the ingame lag when more than 20~30 people occupy the same location; d/ add support for other European based ProMods maps such as: Russ map and Southern Region?
  7. So... when do we get next season - Automne? We are in September... it is only natural to ask.
  8. Alittle above the line you are so interested in I say something important that makes sense about everything else. Please, read the full post next time.
  9. Generaly speaking an anti-cheat will make the already almost unplayable TMP in a 20-200 range of players too heavy for most PCs, plus that makes too many programs running (TMP+AC+TB+Trucky+n). A much better solution is Perma ban from ProMods or any other simulation servers that use all map DLCs. This hurts more than a simple ban.
  10. 1. Have a stable server experience. Kick Asians to the Asian server and provide an Asian ProMods server as well. OR disgard the previous and ban all mods, unless the items come from WoT, SCS and TMP events. Make the moderator role to be a proper POLICE role and rotate moderators on monthly basis. Give moderators the ability to take money from offender drivers, just like in ETS2. Allow players with driving experience and licences to be POLICE. 2. Asking for money, but offering nothing substential in return. Also payment is isolated to C/D cards types only(direct bank payments of sort), thus innaccessible for most others in Eastern EU (no physical payment options such as "EasyPay"). Moderators and Adnins don't pay attention to the player "Y-chat" - especially on the ProMods server. "Y-chat" should and must be in English, yet predominatly Turkish... 3. Working economy for both types of maps (SCS and ProMods); Realistic VTC system - a way to disable slave drivers money income so that the POLICE may punish effectively (may require a clean profile to be created); FULL/Complete ProMods maps support (Europe + Russ map and North Africa); It is clear that ATS is a second violin, so there is nothing I could propose for that one.
  11. This is my vision on the subject. TruckesMP: + Rules that protect yes and to an extent; ~ Traffic rules that make no sense, except for overtaking; + Convoy action with lots of people, compared to SCS at present; - LAG cause by Asian players with modded trucks and trailers in absurd combinations and with a low speed Internet connections; + VTC Event system; ~ TMP staff is absent in the game most of the time or not answering. SCS MP: + The Host chooses who is in his session; + Traffic is there = less sleepy time while driving; + Somewhat stable, but reliable system; + Unified dispach = no need for Trucky, TB, etc. - only 8 peeps; - no server, causes some severe lag depending on host's PC; - no ProMods support yet; - no sliders to change the session's parameters.
  12. The answer is simple - money. People can't spend money everywhere for logical and physical reasons. I'll leave that alone, because it's self explanatory. In TMP on the other hand we have a big problem - almost all ATS players are from NA and the server is locked for EU players. If there was just one ATS server it would have been populated. Just saying.
  13. Idea is ok, but your realism is out of place. IRL trucks don't come with speed limiters and the roles of these are taken by the drivers themselves. I get where you are coming from, but that is alreadi present in the mod. There is one BIG problem with your idea - WHO IS GOING TO RE-PROGRAM THE TRAFFIC AI?! A much better solution is to add the rest of ProMods maps to the multiplayer. I mean the North African and North and South Eastern Black sea regions. Will also provide some now areas to be explored and dared.
  14. Q: What position on the staff would you like to be? A: A part-time POLICE officer on the road (the actual moderator's job). This would be possible only, if the game economy works in TMP and with a system to punish directly in-game all drivers comiting offences, as the AI po-po in the game. Or suspend them in place (stun function) for an amount of time and IF they move => remove all the cash in their accounts. It will also teach the youngsters to behave a bit more and will add a level of imersion to TMP. But if the economy works, would that mean that the player is alone and not relying on teleportation revenue from his/hers slave peons?!
  15. Q: What do you think about different speed limits? A: Road speed limit for trucks should be followed at all times, BUT on a highways one can go up to 90~95 (+5/+10 over the speed limit) km/h. That is reasonable for me.
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