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  1. They are not going to tell you that, as usual, no matter how hard you try. I can tell you this - on 30th they host events. Thus the update should be out by then... probably...
  2. Nice! Finally some information. It wasn't hard, was it? And yet again you bring a moderate amount of uncertains and missed oportunities. Let's see: "... although the TruckersMP Team consists of over 230 members, it's only our two Game Developers that have the knowledge..." - Why don't you invite more people to help those 2 with the proper knowedge and training? This game is world wide popular. Is it that hard to find IT entusiasts? "Has the new lighting system affected the multiplayer porting process? No, the updated lighting system introduced in 1.40 has not affecte
  3. About the upcoming update to 1.40, is it true (information from the bigger VTCs[100+ members]) that it is ready and we could play it on from tomorrow?
  4. All possible, with 3 exeptions: 1. - this is not a game, but a mod and a sub for non-official project is punishable by the "Terms of Use" law (in this case SCS may want a share); 2. - There are limited payment methods, because this is not a game or gam publisher. 3. - The in-game rules need more work. They are confusing at best as if made by a British person.
  5. It seems I've started something deformed and I would like to apologise for it. By "Forget Colorado, no one is buying it yet." I ment that in a COVID-year we are not spending as much as normal on games (You have to eat and have a roof over your head first). Not every person lives in the rich Western World. For myself, money don't grow on trees and I have a limited budget - must be choosy when buying games. Thought I'm glad most of the games I play are old with great content and afordable rates when purchased on Steam. To mike0828, SCS don't have the team to do MP and this is why there is n
  6. I never had an intet to push anybody for 1.39 in ETS2. Forget Colorado, no one is buying it yet. All I desire are some news on the workprocess, as last time (for 1.38). The press "team" promissed back then to do a better job, yet that promis is unfurfilled today.
  7. Where is the post with the progress info on 1.39? Are you going to repeat the same nonsense as for 1.38? We are in no hurry, but your communication skills are no good either. You tend to jump the gun when someone acuses you of something, but the news team does a poor job in reallity. There is no info here or in YouTube. Get a grip people and do something useful this time.
  8. Scania - the easiest to drive manually and has the best brakes.
  9. Oh boy, but these are the worst VTCs to be a part of. Well kind of. Let me explaine it why they are what they are, please. I'm not saying in any way that they are 100% rotten old carcasses, but they have one thing in common that makes them worst to ware - atitude toward others in and out of events. If you are a masochist, that is your community. Events - If a player has done a convoy or 2 with them, he/she will know what I'm talking about. They care not what is going on, unless it's their own members. All the convoys I made with these VTCs over the years had the same composition - Lead
  10. ETS2 for me. ProMods is online. ATS is ok... but a dul experience in TMP, especially on the DLC maps.
  11. I don't like the fact that we miss one European brand in the game - KAMAZ.
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