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  1. can kravatie stop spamming his status updates thx

  2. it's my birthday!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Aisopos


      Haha, thanks! <3


      Estonia did a similar thing: 




      Same with the Estonian anthem:


      This was all for Estonia's "100th" birthday.


  4. Hello followers and welcome to my 3rd vlog.

    Today I woke up with a sore throat, god damn.

    stay tuned for more updates

  5. Can't wait for the Baltic States DLC. As much as I love the Great Britain license plate, I still want to drive with an Estonian one, personal preference. :D

    1. MushroomLTU


      The license plate format here in Baltic countries is almost the same, in Lithuania and Latvia it's ABC123, in Estonia 123ABC. There's not much difference if using custom text.

    2. Aisopos


      I already have a WoT plate though, so, yeah.

      Regardless, there's no EST/LV/LT plate and I'm looking forward to having one.

  6. I know I'm a bit late to this but I can't wait to drag @[AL-VTC] Aek177 around Estonia and other Baltic countries.
  7. What I've gathered from all this is that people hate the drivers, and some of them think the solution is to remove them altogether.
  8. A safety regulation of extra bright glowing cars for bad drivers would be golden
  9. This is rather strange, I've been seeing it everywhere. It's always "cars are an issue" blah blah blah. Just to lead you into this, cars are a good transportation to discover the map when you want to take a break from following the GPS, sure, you could do that with a truck, but is it really that great? Slow acceleration, forced to follow the truck limits, is that what heaven is to you? Sure, cars cause problems, but that's only how it seems to you. It's the driver, not the vehicle. Just because the bad drivers have coincidentally chosen the cars doesn't mean it wouldn't happen without cars. They're just as reckless, regardless of the vehicle. As for the car drivers, to improve your driving skills with the magnificent (totally) Scout Extra_D, try following the speed limit and increasing your breaking intensity to 100%
  10. I dislike this idea, could be easily abused by using loud speakers, leaving to make yourself a dinner or something. TING! >Come back >Move a few inches >Back to food
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