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  1. @LordBenji Good day! I have a few questions. My main goal is to change engines and transmission. 1.) Do I have to buy the truck that I want to copy its engines and transmission? (Volvo FH) 2.) In the game.sii, do I just copy its data path or its whole address? Do I also have to change the number of accessory address (from scania accessory address to volvo accessory address.) *(More detailed, I want to replace volvo engine and transmission to my scania. In the game.sii, there is the accessory address of scania of the engine and transmission as well as its accessory block and attributes. Do I have to change the whole address of the scania engine and paste the whole address of volvo engine?)* I will really appreciate you helping me out, and already thankful enough on making this tut.
  2. Yes, my pc runs on windows xp. My pc turns into a potato when I run it on windows 7, so I downgraded it to xp. Anyways, if they are no other way to play mp for me, I might as well just upgrade it. Really appreciate it, guys!
  3. Greetings! It won't allow me to play multiplayer! It works perfectly on single player but when I try launching the application (truckersmp), which I already installed, it doesn't seem to open. Here's a screenshot of the error that shows! Hope you guys can give me a hand. My pc runs on windows xp, and no, I can't upgrade it to newer windows version (laggy)
  4. Hello! I'm basically new here. I can't seem to play the multiplayer mod of the ETS2 (which I recently bought from steam) What shows in the picture seems to be the problem. I already searched about this problem, tried few things that showed to the tuts, but nothing seems to work.
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