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  1. Suggestion Name: CURB WRONG WAY DRIVING Suggestion Description: We all have noticed close calls and head-on collisions due to wrong way driving and especially when switching from GB to EU or vice-versa. So in order to eliminate this my suggestion is, as we get "15 sec kick countdown"for switching on lights, same should be for wrong way driving and for that "10 sec kick window" is enough to warn the drivers to switch lane or else get auto kicked. Why should it be added?: This will prevent "head-on collisions or close calls and reckless driving" to some extent.
  2. Hi All, Imagine a scenario...You are driving your truck enjoying the drive and due to some reason you have to stop for about 1 minute or so (For Eg. buying a truck, checking garage stats or so). So what we generally do is drive to the the shoulder of the road and park our truck on the side without blocking the way for traffic. As we are busy with our garage shufflings someone rams you from behind, and our trucking is lying over on the road blocking the traffic, but you are unaware of that as you are fiddling with garage. After all is set you return to game only to see your truck lying on the road and players honking and shouting and typing - BAN ....REC....RIP...so and so. As an admin and players point of view I am guilty as the Rammer has vanished. QUESTION - WHO WILL BE AT FAULT? You or Rammer? Just a little doubtful about this one....... Thanks, Regards, M E K S A [ M-Trans ]
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