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  1. Happy Birthday! 🎂

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday 🥳

  4. What does this mean? Is all truck modding banned? Can we have save edited trucks?
  5. Okay, so now this makes the new rule in §3.2 even more confusing. That rule says dollies are not counted, yet it looks like they are counted. It makes no sense. Why not just write "Trailers in ETS2 may be 3 parts (including dollies) and in ATS they may be 5 parts (including dollies)" ?
  6. This new edit from yesterday is the exact one I am talking about. Even though I am within its compliance, I am still being auto-kicked from the server. EDIT: In my last photo you can see exactly 3 cargo carrying trailers, only two being "full size", and 1 dolly. This should be allowed under the current rules.
  7. For now, no Thanks, I have checked this page and it is outdated. I always check with the latest version of the servers' rules. So according to this new rule one should be able to have 3 cargo carrying trailers and dollies connecting them, yet a few combinations I have tried have auto-kicked me from the server, such as this one: (I am spawning in Turin which is outside the banned zone for double/triple trailers) 3 full sized trailers kicked me in the same manner. It seems like the server has not been updated to not detect dollies as trailers.
  8. So what I understand is that a combination of 3 full-size trailers connected by dollies is not allowed? But for example a combination of 2 full-size trailers and one small trailer is okay? In that case this rule is a little confusing and should be reformatted. The second part doesnt sound right. It should be cut out and added to the "The following save edits are not permitted on trailers:" section as: "A combination of 3 full-sized trailers connected by dollies [is not allowed]."
  9. Fantastic event, I had great fun going around the full route. I was lucky on my choice of route! I went through Europoort at the start of the event when there wasn't too much traffic and did the UK part of the route. On my way back through the Netherlands I had a good laugh watching the neverending line of trucks from Europoort all the way to Amsterdam and beyond! Honestly I think the accident at Europoort only worsened things. I can't imagine many people managed to wait through that queue which spanned actual kilometers. Apart from that I also loved the custom assets like the steam train special cargo, the escort vans, ambulances and fire trucks. I look forward to see them used elsewhere outside the event too!
  10. 1000+ hours of ETS2 will finally pay off
  11. Summer means spending 4 hours in a traffic jam, right?
  12. Sadly there is no way to change the background colour to whatever you want, you can only use the default backgrounds. Thanks to everybody who likes the guide and found it helpful! One plus of this method is that you can have different custom plates on multiple trucks, not like World of Trucks which overwrites the plate of all your trucks.
  13. It's a great feature! Removes some of the frustration if you're going about your business and get interrupted by a kiddy troll. Nobody forces you to use it, and the limitations enforced on it make it hard for trolls to exploit.
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