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    Enhancing Game Enjoyment

    Suggestion Name: Enhancing Game Enjoyment Suggestion Description: 1. Players'files are saved on the server, they can't read the files and cancel hiring drivers. 2. Increase the game rankings. For example: (money, experience, driving distance, least accidents). 3. Trucks and accessories can properly raise prices and allow money to appreciate. Why should it be added?: Enhancing Game Enjoyment and Reducing Game Violations
  2. SR^<535>^janson

    Increase server validation

    Recommended Name: the server validates the economy, enters the game, and then slowly from 0, services and cancels the driver's computer driver, and can only hire a driver. Any sample image: no Why do you want to add it? It makes the game more realistic and prevents people from attacking or violating them. Increase the fun of the game.
  3. SR^<535>^janson

    Increase server validation

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