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  1. Isso acontece comigo quando estou a carregar o jogo e dou Alt + Tab. É só reiniciar o jogo e dá.
  2. Aqui em Portugal o máximo é 110km/h
  3. Gostava mais quando podia andar a 163km/h.. eu também ando sempre a 150km/h... Não dá ban ultrapassar os limites de velocidade num local..
  4. Sorry if this is wrong place to post this, but I just started TruckersMP (launcher) and got new update, maybe fixed the gears of car?
  5. Car is very slow, I think car is not changing Gears, keeping in A1...
  6. I was asking if servers are on. And its on launcher. I cant seem to work.
  7. Can't log in. Invalid email or password and already put password and email.
  8. Its working now. Just restarted PC and its working back. Solved.
  9. Experieincing errors idk why. I verified the game cache. Message of error : Runtime Error! Program : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps (it shows more but maybe its in ets2 folder) R6025 - pure virtual function call Please help me. Im running Plays.tv Client in background to record trolls etc.
  10. I will try to test play.tv Probllem solved.
  11. ShadowPlay is needed GTX 750 Ti or something like that
  12. For any reason I cant enter in their website. It appears like I dont have internet.
  13. So I used a record (for my craptop) and if I use and do ALT + TAB the game crashes so. Now I am asking for a recorder that doens't demand much fps for a craptop. Thanks.
  14. Continue with that problem. Maybe I will need a new keyboard or a new battery to my pc as @Carrera18 said
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