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  8. Hello @Sydney. Please be patient for a few minutes. Solution 1: you can try using a VPN or Run as Administrator Solution 2: Go to "Settings". Press "Browse". Navigate to a directory of your choice (not were TruckersMP is currently installed)[in this case D:\] Right click > Select "New" > Click on "Folder" > Create a folder named "TruckersMP". Click the new folder once to select it. Press "Select Folder". Press "Save". In China, due to certain reasons, the external network bandwidth may be restricted, which may also cause delays in connecting to Eu servers. To address these issues, the following measures can be tried: In China, you must use a Game Network Accelerator with European nodes. that can help players speed up their connections and reduce latency and packet loss. Try optimizing network settings, such as closing other applications and minimizing full screen windows in games, to reduce network resource consumption. If your network connection still lags, contact your network provider for technical support and assistance. Kind regards Austin1203
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