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  1. Dear TruckersMP Team, I just found a pretty pretty important bug. If I'm going to drive with normal Doubles into C-D, I will get kicked. But if i use B-Doubles, I will not get kicked. I think that should not be. I hope you can fix this :p Video (I teleported in SingePlayer with F9): After the video I changed my trailer to normal. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 Controllers Used: Speedlink Drift OZ Description of Issue: I can use B-Doubles in West Europe How to reproduce: Idk Screenshots / Videos: Look on the top Best regards, bayerntvplay
  2. Okay @Ali. you can close it. Thanks guys
  3. BoarischBluad


    Hey TruckersMP Team, will we get the 1.32 Update for ETS2 and ATS this weekend/today? If not, please tell me, because my Internet is pretty bad and it takes 4 to 5 hours to downgrade ATS for the event. Best regards, bayerntvplay
  4. @Prime I mean, that we can buy the caravan like a normal trailer in 1.32 for trucks (trailer ownership).
  5. Will we be able to buy a caravan in 1.32? I hope so!
  6. Nice to know, thanks! You can go much more faster if you don't use the country road. I know it seems like the country road is shorter, but going to duisburg or calais by autobahn is more productive, if you want to drive fast from Duisburg to Calais or from Calais to Duisburg. Another problem is, that Calais (or Roscoff, for all who have France DLC) is the nearest city for all players who coming from the south in which you can go to the UK, so especially on the junction in the southern of calais are very many players. And one more problem is, that you can only go to calais with the train from the UK or with the street from the south, but the most players use the street. Have a great day guys
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