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  1. The Minions in my Volvo :D (you will see my fail :v ) https://youtu.be/Z78xu-_uLzE

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    2. Pieter


      I've got 50 videos on that channel, 28 are private, 22 are unlisted and 0 are public.

      Private videos -> Some gameplays, the video with most views has 9.962 views (video about car mod) and most of them are short due to my "fast" internet speed.

      Unlisted -> Mix of ETS2MP funny videos and ban video proofs, the video with most views has 186 views (video about some Polish cyclists that i saw on my way to the North Cape).

      Public -> Well, there isn't any co...

    3. Pieter


      Why not Youtube? O.o

    4. Pieter


      I used to change the pitch and it wouldn't get copyrighted :P

      I think i used to change it to 1.8, not sure though :v

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