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  1. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  2. Happy birthday ! :HaulieLove:

  3. Happy Birthday! 

  4. Happy Birthday

  5. Happy Birthday 🎉

  6. Happy Birthday :) 


    Your in game name while banned: Matrx23

    Why you should be unbanned? Because I know I did wrong, and promises that he will do it never

    Screenshot/video (if applicable) Not necessary because I know I did wrong

    1. Syntog


      You already created a ban appeal, there is no need to put this on the forums. Wait for the ban appeal to be decided. 




  8. Hey :)

    1. Pieter


      wow :o
      Have you came out of your cave? :D

      How did you notice that i was "back"?

    2. Stefaaa


      nopppp, still in cave :D

  9. Bem... até me estou a sentir elogiado xD Até começa a parecer que alguém tem saudades minhas ehehe (só que não) Já agora, sou Português (Portugal) e sim, tive que sair da equipa porque estava com falta de tempo e também estava com falta de espaço no disco (tinha, e tenho, cerca de 800GB de videos de provas do ETS2 MP), ah! e também saí porque estava a sentir que não estava a fazer nada de jeito.
  10. Hi! I'm new here! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. KacaKTV
    3. [S.PLH]Warrior


      Hello Mr.Pizza how are you?

      Welcome too the forum

    4. Pieter


      Thank you all for the welcome :)
      Well, i'm starting to recognize some nicks.
      pizza dlc, doesn't sound like a bad idea :P

  11. "Once upon a time, there was a frozen pizza, and inside the pizza some very bad monsters lived. Their names were refined white flour, reconstituted tomato, and processed cheese. But the worst monster of all was called pepperoni!" - Edward Koren

  12. lol xD ahahahah Seria "Pieter" se fosse "Qual o admin que você mais detesta?" Musicas ou bandas, ou algo do gênero que gosta de ouvir jogando no multiplayer: She Wolf, Mad World, Madness, Fix you, Talk, How to save a life, The Game of Love, Get lucky, Wake me up, You make me, Addicted to you, Radioactive, Demons. On top of the World,Human after all. The Prime time of your life, Robot Rock, Steam Machine, Make Love, The Brainwasher, ON/OFF, Television rules the vision, Technology, Emotion, etc... David Guetta, Daft Punk, Marteria, Muse, Coldplay, The Fray, Avicii, Imagine Dragons, Bring me the Horizon, Black eyed peas, etc.... Lugares que mais gosta de visitar Inglaterra, Polonia, Dinamarca. Qual seu adm favorito? ----------------------- Oque vc faria para mudar o ETS2MP na sua opnião? ----------------------- Qual a melhor empresa que ja participou? ----------------------- Quantos anos tem? ----------------------- Oque mais gosta de fazer? Ouvir musica, jogar e ler
  13. Eu estava a dizer isso como meio de comparação Pois um comentário do tipo "Não gosto dos teus vídeos porque x,y e porque y" ajudaria mais do que simplesmente dizer que nao gosto deles ou que são bosta.
  14. In Portugal if you drive a heavy vehicle (HGV also known as category C) you must always drive on the outside lane, the destination doesn't matter in this case. So if you want to exit the 1st,2nd,3rd,etc in a roundabout you must always use the outside lane, as long as you don't block other drivers. Here is the rule: [PT] "Artigo 14.º-A Rotundas 2 - Os condutores de veículos de tração animal ou de animais, de velocípedes e de automóveis pesados, podem ocupar a via de trânsito mais à direita, sem prejuízo do dever de facultar a saída aos condutores que circulem nos termos da alínea c) do n.º 1." ^taken from the Portuguese road rules -> http://www.ansr.pt/SegurancaRodoviaria/CodigoDaEstrada/Documents/Codigo_Estrada_2014_versaoWEB.pdf
  15. The Minions in my Volvo :D (you will see my fail :v ) https://youtu.be/Z78xu-_uLzE

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    2. Pieter


      I've got 50 videos on that channel, 28 are private, 22 are unlisted and 0 are public.

      Private videos -> Some gameplays, the video with most views has 9.962 views (video about car mod) and most of them are short due to my "fast" internet speed.

      Unlisted -> Mix of ETS2MP funny videos and ban video proofs, the video with most views has 186 views (video about some Polish cyclists that i saw on my way to the North Cape).

      Public -> Well, there isn't any co...

    3. Pieter


      Why not Youtube? O.o

    4. Pieter


      I used to change the pitch and it wouldn't get copyrighted :P

      I think i used to change it to 1.8, not sure though :v

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