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  1. Pro mods and MP

    This would be amazing and is often suggested however the server wouldn't be able to handle it and people with limited processing power / network connection would cause extreme lag.
  2. Do you report a player if he apologizes?

    It depends on the offence, if you get cut up and or rammed not too badly then I would not report. If They swear or are abusive and or purposefully ram you and then apologise I would still report
  3. ETS2Map Megathread

    Being able to switch servers without restarting game would be great
  4. [VOTE] Do you think /fix command is useful ?

    It is brilliant when you are in a convoy and there is trolls around
  5. good name for a VTC ?

    My VTC name is made up of initials of all of the founders, works well I think. It's short and sweet
  6. [VOTE] Which road do you like to run most when playing the game ?

    I like windy minor roads best, they make for interesting convoys
  7. Longer distance to stop on snow?

    The winter mod uses graphics to make it seem like you break slower but no new physics are included
  8. Top Visited Country

    1. France 2. Germany 3. UK
  9. Pilots on Multiplayer? It works!

    I think they should include the pilot van in multiplayer it would be much better than the scout car. I also think people should have to register to get access to be a pilot
  10. What is Your Favorite Trailer in ETS2 ?

    I like a good double trailer
  11. Where do you drive the most? Or your favourite road?

    The roads in Scandinavia are really nice I would recommend the dlc
  12. Favorite Truck on ETSMP

    I love scania, however everyone drives one and it is hard to be an individual as I have no doubt you can find someone with a very similar truck design. However Mercades New Actros are slightly less popular but still a great truck meaning you can be more individual hence why my personal truck is one
  13. Why do you go to Duisburg-Calais?

    I love the traffic on the road and the difficulty of the driving experience. I wish that people would not troll on the servers, without trolls it would be a great driving experience
  14. Lets Share Your Home ( Truck's cabin )

    I like it Nice job
  15. Great information Really helps to plan a safe convoy