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  1. hello how you guys think that tmp should arrange convoy event in a weekly basis?....as tmp is all about convoy together:)

    1. Kaatupoochi


      Arrangements for a convoy is not easy and for a tmp convoy where the participation is more is difficult for weekly convoy

    2. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Hello RAMESH , I think tmp organise enough convoys and events they do a great job.

  2. Hello, good luck everybody for spring giveaway as per my photo spring is finally back this photo is taken in eu3 server and i am very hopeful for the good result:)
  3. i am really happy to hear this event. i am thankful to the tuckers mp team for organizing such a wonderful event. my request to the truckers mp team is to organize this type of event frequently. i am not able to attend this convoy but i wish best of luck to all the truckers who are going to attend this convoy. that is going to be awesome event. THANK YOU. god bless you all. have a happy, healthy and safe driving
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