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  1. I will not comment more on the subject for me the ETS2 is boring in the multiplayer mode and I will not argue but I only say that if I was driving at that speed it was under my responsibility and receiving the consequences
  2. I am going to the forum of the MP to express my displeasure on the new implemented rule of speed, it is worth noting that I take it responsibly and paying attention to the repercussions that could have on my account. And what I said in this post is only with your own opinion. The discontent with the MP is the new rule implemented last weekend which forbids us to pass 150 KM / H which seems absurd considering the main rules of the game specifically rule 3.1 which manifests between its scripts that it is allowed to place a 750 HP motor on any truck. It is absurd because for that we would want 750 HP if they only let us be at 150 KM / H. Maybe my opinion is just one more than many but on my part I know that you are losing players of this great simulation game. It should be noted that the creator of this post is one of those drivers that is usually more than 150 KM / H but it should also be noted that if we do it is our own responsibility and attending to the repercussions that this act could bring without further Nothing to say thank you for reading this post.
  3. hay ciertos articulos que como sabemos son permitidos en el modo de un solo jugador pero mi pregunta es asta donde puede llegara ser legal esta clase de mods en el multipalyer. por ejemplo sabemos que solo son permitidas 4 escoltas en el camion pero que tal si yo con un mod se las pongo en la defensa; se me es permitido? esta claro que ya sea en el multiplayer o algo como los tubos de escapes en asia arriba en otros camiones son permitios o no?
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