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  1. Guest

    Guest    ElectroHouse20

    Happy birthday! Hope all your wishes come true!🎂

  2. Thanks for the follow!?

    1. ElectroHouse20


      Thanks to you too ;D !


  3. 33 days being locked at home. Bought new DLC yesterday and I'm already done. 

    Can I go to work please? ?



  4. Perhaps this post will be just to put pressure on pity.  Maybe I just need to speak out about everything.  

    I left from Pries Logistics.  

    It was a very difficult decision, not only for me, but also for the VTC Management.  There are many reasons for this, which I do not want to talk about at the moment.  I probably won’t lie, that I’m less than 15 years old, as many could know.  @BL4CK$K1LL @Miyu* @Teardrop gave me a chance to get into this VTC and be here, but unfortunately I had to leave.  I also want to say thank you very much @•Nika•

    for giving me a chance to be on the CC team, where I was a manager, but unfortunately I have reasons why I left.  


    @ElectroHouse20, @Milo665 [BE], @H20Squid, @sgtharley5050, @lukabrazi thank you for helping me, when I didn't have free time for make saves, driving and other things. 


    @RB1988 also want to say thank you. for all your work. Probably I am bad boy, but you helped me and i remember all what you did?

    I can say thanks more, but this people who in this message did many things for me and Pries Logistics  


    I want say thanks for all Pries Members, who inactive or active. I hope all will be good. 


    I know that in my post many mistake, but i wrote it with bad mood and I didn't have good words, which I can say.

    1. ElectroHouse20


      What?????? Why did you leave so unexpectedly .. ):::. It hurts to read when your "best" friend leaves.. You were a brother to me.?Age is not what it is, but HUMAN Himself shows what it can really be.I believe you will pursue your dreams and maybe come back to us!

      Good luck ? :3 ! .

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  5. Hum… 999 ☑️


    1. ElectroHouse20


      Congratulations my friend ! for  1019* rep ?

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  6. Good morning guys, enjoy the day ❤️ ?




  7. Happy Birthday, Electro have a nice and happy day !  ?

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