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  1. DarkOwl

    Truck or car?

    Hello Dear @Sloggen I'd like to comment on this. This is a truck simulation. That's why the trucks are closer to reality. The truck is much more fun. There are many DLC packages for trucks. Thanks to these packages, the trucks become special. Which DLC packages? ''Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack & Daf Tuning Pack.'' I suggest you buy these DLC from Steam. Previously , cars were useless but along with the new update, the driving experience has increased considerably. Thanks to TruckersMp, the car was now very good. Briefly, whatever happens, it is best to use the truck! Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  2. DarkOwl

    The Last Post Wins!

  3. DarkOwl

    Who wants vans?

    Hello Dear @WallyTheDuck I'd like to comment on this. First of all , this is a truck simulation. The only purpose here is to use the truck and carry load with trailer. If you ask my opinion , I don't it isn't right to add a car to the game. But many players were demanding it. I have to admit, has brought a great touch to the game. It's my idea, it shouldn't be. The game goes out of purpose. Truck and car is enough for this simulation. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  4. DarkOwl

    Germany Rework

    Hello Dear @lil Gilles03 I'd like to comment on this. First of all , I respect our development team and send my love! You're doing great things. The uptaded Germany roads is very nice. We were always driving on the same roads and that got us bored. In this way, we discover new roads again. I hope more updates will come and the game map will be great. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  5. Welcome Back Mate :wub:^_^

  6. Welcome Back Mate ^_^:wub::mlg_doge:

  7. DarkOwl

    All Euro truck users

    Hello Dear @TGR CC Aka I'd like to say my opinion on this. I noticed that ; the road has become so famous that even new players are coming here and most players don't know how to drive! Also these players don't know the rules. They don't know how to overtake. In addition, the number of troll players is quite high. This is a problem in itself. And without forgetting, with the new coming update many players have a lot of fps drops. This causes many accidents. There is a rule in the traffic to follow the distance. But the players are approaching the bumper and driving. They call it the professionalism.'' For these reasons , there are many accidents. This is very sadly. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  8. TruckersMp Game Moderator @[S.PLH]Warrior live on the twitch!

    Lets Come and watch! 


  9. Happy Birthday Mate! May you have the best of days. :wub:^_^

    1. Frosty.


      Thanks a lot! :)

  10. DarkOwl

    Which trailer do you prefer?

    Hello Dear @LE GAMER 64 I'd like to comment on this. Especially with the last update everything more beautiful; special trailer desing, personal trailer! My choice is normal trailer. Why? First of all it's easier to use. Also has a beautiful image with the truck. That's why it's my choice. But I love the doubles trailers. It is only causes problems in turns. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  11. DarkOwl

    Volvo or Scania?

    Why not? I'm glad you agree with me!
  12. DarkOwl

    Volvo or Scania?

    Hello Dear @djlemma2103 I'd like to comment on this. First of all these two brands ; Volvo & Scania , the most beautiful trucks of the game. But if we come to choice , I have this comment. Volvo has a big deficiency. What? How? So that , Scania has a Mighty Griffin Pack DLC. But volvo doesn't have such a thing. A major shortcoming , but not done. That way , scania , of course. But ıf they are made a volvo tuning pack dlc , everthing changes. I'm sure of that. We can support for that. We can suggest. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  13. DarkOwl

    Road collision

    Hello Dear @LinCH.TV I want to comment on this. We forgetten love and respect. Religion , language , race do not matter. First of all , we must learn again them. Forgiveness is the greatest honor. I always take video recording but I don't report players most of the time. But there are exceptions that we have to make. How? The subject is the title , hit from the back. This is not a fault at times. Because a player may not realize that the player in front of him is slowing down or standing. This is a desperation. Why? If the player crosses the opposite lane to avoid hitting you and hits the oncoming player , he is 100% guilty. This is a ban reason. (The player he hits will be very angry and will report it.) But if he hits you from back, it will only harm your trailer. This can be forgiven in the framework of love and respect. However , there are players who do not follow the rules and make troll. Report these players. When they receive a ban , they will understand the truth. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl
  14. Danke für das Folgen :wub:

    1. DarkOwl


      Ich danke dir auch.:wub:

  15. DarkOwl

    Favorite truck in ETS?

    Hello Dear @Koning007 I think the most beautiful truck brand Daf. I use 510hp and old model. Why 510hp? Engine sound is very nice. Very enjoyable to go at low speeds , low rpm. I don't like speed so it is very handy. Best&Kind Regards DarkOwl