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  1. 96AV's post in 2FA was marked as the answer   
    Hello There!
    I'm sorry to hear that. 
    However, we can solve this problem quickly and easily. 
    What you have to do is send a ticket to our support system: 
    If you understand me, send me a message then i will close this topic. 
    I wait your return!
  2. 96AV's post in How to enable dark theme? was marked as the answer   
    Hello Dear @twix bar
    It is at the bottom of the page.

  3. 96AV's post in tab-menu not properly working was marked as the answer   
    Hi Dear Player @DJ_QW
    If you send me pictures , we can solve the problem faster. I think I understand the problem. Please check this steps;
    1-) Please enter the game.
    2-) Press tab and one right click on your mouse.
    3) Enter settings (lower left corner)
    4-) Check the window opacity.
    NOTE: You have to try it at night time.
    Please send me a feedback. It will solve your problem.
    Best&Kind Regards.
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