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  1. Did not help, reinstalled the game, rebooted the computer, reinstalled the launcher. Does not even load.
  2. Dear Velaurius, I wrote at the very beginning that I checked the files, yes I can play alone. I played more than 2 hours, I created a profile, etc.
  3. Thank they, but I wrote that I rebooted the computer,,the version I have is I wrote this at the beginning,64 bit Windows,Service Pack 1
  4. The problem is that multiplayer does not start at all. I've already tried to reinstall, disable the antivirus, reloaded the computer, changed the installation location, checked the integrity of the files,in the firewall added it, the version is installed are not errors.There are no mistakes at all.When you click on the multiplayer shortcut on behalf of the administrator, it loads a couple of seconds and disappears nothing appears. What should I do?
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