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  1. NO in the new update 1.32 you can have double trailer what we can own ourselfs http://prntscr.com/kph2gf picture above can we take them out of Scandinavia in the new update 1.32
  2. Hey all i'm planning a event with my community 
    If you want to be involved with the event

    please feel free to join my discord -  http://discord.chimpsevents.com/

    OR join the main discord for the event - https://discord.gg/U73RZCM


    About #TMC - The Mega Convoy


    In Chimp's Events we have been planning to do a charity event for a long time.

    So we came together one day, we had a meeting and decided to do one on Saturday 17th Augest 2019


    The charities we are raising money for are

    - Cancer Research UK - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tmc-convoy

    - Macmillan - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tmc-convoy1


    We are hoping to get £200 for both charities.

    We are taking donations untill the 1st September 2019

    So only give what you can but more the mearyer and I will be doing some #TMC convoy on the side to advertise it.

    We plan to do 24hr event with Truckfest, Convoys, Breaks & Some Giveaways.


    1. [AL-VTC] PlacGhost

      [AL-VTC] PlacGhost

      Good Luck! I should be able to attend! :)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      best of luck to all events :wub:

    3. [CE-Staff] Chimp

      [CE-Staff] Chimp

      thanks but keep a eye on ETS2C.com as i am doing some teaser convoys for the event 


  3. I know we are having owner trailers in game But we own a double / b double Are we allowed to take it out of Scandinavia if we are driving with our friends or company Or we will patch it like the trailer already when you leave Scandinavia we will get kicked
  4. well i just been playing with the DLC you you turn off then the van dont. it will TP you back to the vans
  5. well this dlc will be coming out soon will you be putting it on TMP or is this the first dlc you will not allowed on MP. as its has pilot vans in it and a lot more
  6. so i have been playing this game for so long now i have over 3100 hours on record what do i have to do. to be admin in game as there is no one online when you need on. but then you all say is if you have proof send it to us. what taks you lot weeks to check so what do i have to do to help on that side of the community for TMP
  7. so if i want to be a higher rank then what i am now what do i have to do ??
  8. Here on my Lorry eating a banana. watching idiots on c-d road 

  9. Happy birthday Chimp!Have great one.;)

  10. Well just wanted to know if double trailers with dolly's will be allowed in game ?

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