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  1. All right then, thanks for your help man, see ya on the road.
  2. So, when i don''t even have heavy cargo pack/ special transport dlc's i shouldn't even bother to buy 8x4 truck?
  3. I don't think that I'm this person, i caused like 2 accidents where one was just screwing with my friend (break testing in front of him). And to be fair, is 8x4 chassis even suitable for 5t cargo like medical equipment or is it even going to do worse than 6x4/4x2?
  4. That basically means that more axles accelerate slower, but they decelerate slower as well, right?
  5. Of course, i meant driving with trailers i even mentioned normal/heavy cargo as there would be probably two different answers. And yes at the time im using automatic transmition, but is there any difference between for example 4x2 and 6x2 chassis?
  6. I was lately wondering, what is the actually 0->150 km/h fastest truck for normal/heavy cargo, of course counting those save edited ones. Any ideas?
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