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  1. My truck.


  2. I am going to leave the multiplayer. I keep getting kicked for connection issues but there is none. I will stay play singleplayer though. Thanks for the fun!

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    2. Titanic4


      Also, make sure that you don't spawn in congested locations, as doing so will cause the game to struggle with initially spawning everyone around you while handling the sync, voice chat and loading all the assets in the area.

    3. sjsje


      It's not the hardware that's the issue. It's when theres 70+ people in one place my game gets kicked. It may be because my DSL is slow.

    4. Titanic4


      TruckersMP doesn't have large bandwidth requirement at all. You can use "g_developer 16" in the in-game console to get detailed info about bandwidth usage, packet loss, and other stuff, such as current position, or even your truck's license plate.

  3. I love the Italia map pack. I love the scenery of bridges, trees, and the overall look of the roads in Italy. It looks very good in the sun too.
  4. I cannot play the multiplayer because it crashes my whole game to desktop. But single-player works and I have no issue. 

    1. WarMaz


      Hi @sjsje,

      feel free to contact the support team at https://truckersmp.com/support ;) The team will help you as soon as possible!

    2. sjsje


      I think it's my computer it's problem. Not the mod itself ^_^ 

    3. WarMaz


      Give it a try contacting the support team, maybe the issue can be solved.

  5. I am back after almost two years offline. Glad to be back^_^

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