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  1. @Crashon Tried clearing the Arp Cache - this sadly did not change a thing. And like i said before, im almost 100% sure my router or its settings aren't the problem and just to make it clear: Im not using a Wi-Fi connection! @TUNANKA I did another complete and fresh install, following your steps (just to be sure, even though im pretty sure its the exact same thing i did before ;)) - to no avail. As you can see in my answer above: My connection or my ISP in general are not even close to being a problem over here. Got a stable and superfast connection! Couldn't be happier! I also already tried shutting down my Anti-Virus/Firewall and/or adding basically any kind of exception you could think of. @iFlufy As far as i understand, not being able to properly connect to the API,resulting in me not loading the server list is the problem. -> Not my inability to enter my Login Data, i.e. my email adress or password. Nonetheless thank you for you detailed post buddy :). @ChinosMasta Not using a VPN They are automatic Reset my modem like 12 times already Did two full reinstalls so far, but maybe ill give it a third try Not running any beta version and im pretty sure the launcher would've told me the second i opened it. Double checked on Steam just to be sure though @Dark Haus Giving a few things another shot atm, will open up a ticket if everything else fails. ANOTHER SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/a/UVy71 This is what the menu looks like after entering my data and hitting "Login"
  2. Just got back home - about to try out all of your tips/fixes. Wish me luck. I'll update in an hour or so. PS: Thx for all the replies so far.
  3. - Already did a full reset of my router/modem - Just finished a full verification of all ETS2/ATS files on steam, everything seems to be perfect (doesn't really suprise me considering that the Singeplayer is working perfectly fine) - Will send in a ticket later this evening if nobody else can help me out. Thanks for your quick answer though!
  4. Hey guys, for some reason my Launcher suddenly decided to not find any servers whatsoever, despite everything working like a charm yesterday. Got 2 screenshots of the error for you guys: https://imgur.com/0u5kHNL https://imgur.com/oxr1fKa So far i've tried the following solutions/troubleshooting steps: - restarted my PC - restarted my router - checked my Firewall/Antivirus for an error/some kind of blocking -> also tried completely turning everything off....to no avail. - ran the launcher as an administrator - checked for some kind of Windows Update -> nothing happened between yesterday evening and now - cleared my cache dns - finally decided to do a fresh TruckersMP install - that also did NOT help ... PS: My internet connection in general is working absolutely fine - so no, im pretty sure that's not the problem! Im kind of at a loss over here - any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Same, update installed - got the Wintermod loading background going on. But i just seem to stay offline after connecting to the server. After like 6min of just trying to wait it out i got a message saying sth along the lines of "(...) invalid client...failed to load(...)". edit: Im talking about waiting in game (the login and download itself is working fine). The red offline message just wont go away.
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