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  1. That's why I mostly report Reckless Drivers. If they won't learn, they have to feel their own mistakes. Anyways thanks DeviLee
  2. Good Morning 🥱 (05:08 CEST) 

  3. Happy Birthday 🥳✊

  4. Veteran VII (since 2014) looking for a Company. Actually I'm driving a Renault Magnum (2,4 mio km), after Renault T Tuning Pack came out, i changed my Truck too. Have no ProMods and i also like to keep my Paintjob. (Black/Old Gold/White). I speak English/German & Turkish but i don't matter Languages. 👌 I'm Hardcore Realistic Trucker (following Speed Limits & Traffic Rules) 




  5. Alter.... Was? wie ist das denn passiert, Glückwunsch 😲

  6. SourCrowd

    Radyo Kanal

    Kararımızı verdikmi? Yoksa? Radyo Kanal 11 kalıyormu?
  7. 🤘🏽thx for the follow 🤘🏽

  8. SourCrowd

    Follow Player

    Hi, Suggestion Name: Follow Player (ID) command Suggestion Description: type /(f)ollow (id) to put a Mark to the Player, who you want to follow. Doesn't matter if you got a Delivery Job. Any example images: unfortunately none Why should it be added?: If I want to drive with someone and he/she is allready on the way to his/her destination, the /follow (id) command allows us to put a mark at the actual position of the Player on the Map.
  9. This is a great Idea, I see a lot People who is texting while driving. This could be a good indicator for us, so we can react fast enough and drive carefully away from this Person.
  10. SourCrowd

    Radyo Kanal

    Cevaplarınızı Teşekkür ediyorum.
  11. Thx for the follow buddy. 🤘🏽

  12. Damn it, tomorrow is Monday again... I need to get a long time Vacation like for a Year. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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