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  1. Happy Birthday 🎉

  2. thx for your Follow

  3. Thx for the Follow

    1. Cary_TMP


      You're welcome. Have a good time✨

  4. Lag: Is when you have issues by playing TMP. Could be Connection Issues or FPS Drops. sa: Thats a greeting form for mostly every region of moslems like arabic, turkish, etc. and means "Selam Aleykum: Greetings" as: is the answer of sa and means "aleykum selam" Yours Teal'c
  5. Thank you for the follow ☺️

  6. Of, nice question. My very first Truck was the Renault Magnum and took a loan for it. Bro he said ETS2 not ETS1 ?
  7. Maybe you didn't set up your Discord to TMP (External Connections) go to: Main Hompage ➜ Your Profile ➜ Settings on the left ➜ scroll down to the bottom and check if your DC Account is Connected.
  8. This also my question... The Map is so huge but sooo empty because of C-D & Alpin Route. I'm wondering how often would I see other Player beyond C-D & Alpin Route. Porbably more but... they just hanging in C-D & Alpin Route. In my Opinion: Recall it different like "None-Sense Traffic". Ow, yeah this reminds me: Tell me about Simulation & Realistics.
  9. For example: Everybody are mad to blockers. Patron Master Trucker should be have the oppurtunity to change this too. Suggestion Name: Kicking Players as Patron Master Trucker Suggestion Description: Patron Master Trucker should able to kick players (especially blockers, e.g. laggy player) via /kick (Name) command or anything similiar, but must have an evidence for their action ( screenshot/ clip / video ). Also the Master Patrons can only kick one Player each 24 h, this command shouldn't be abused. If any "Patron Master Trucker" abuses this command therefor he/she must bear the consequences for the abusing (thats your buisiness). Any example images: Unfortunately None Why should it be added?: In many Opinions: If we understood it correctly, Staff Members are lack of reaction time (especially because of C-D Route, Calais, Duisburg, Alpin Route, Innsbruck & Klagenfurth) till they finally reacting on our own reports Yours SourCrowd
  10. For example: Like these Devil BDF Tandem mod from FLVinge Suggestion Name: Tandem/Drawbar - Trailers for ETS2 Suggestion Description: Tandem & Drawbar Trailer for everybody or... maybe only for Veterans/Patrons Any example images: Why should it be added?: We allready have Alternate Vehicles and also a Bus in TMP. So I think Trucks with Regid Tandem Chassis with a Tandem/Drawbar Trailers would fit perfectly to TMP. Edit: I found a post which was allready rejected It would make no sense for me if you reject this Suggestion again. Because you implemented allready Season Weathers (Summer, Autumn, Spring & Winter), the Scout SuperB, Alternate Vehicles & DBus. So, at this time i hope you accept this Suggestion. Yours SourCrowd
  11. Since the Fuel Tanker released, only Fuel Tanker. Before, was it the Curtainsider from Schwarzmüller (since I joined in the VTC), befor that was the extandeble Container Trailer (20"/40") from SCS.
  12. Yeah i like it, but where can i share my Costum Routes?
  13. Where can I Share my Costum Routes? (DBus)

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