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  1. When is the new version for 1.34 coming out?
  2. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    New truck chassis

    Suggestion name: new truck chassis Suggestion description: I suggest this should be in multiplayer only!, Just like the skoda cars https://imgur.com/a/DItp8SG I think this should be in the game because a lot of truckers are probably tired of the same chassis in the game of multiplayer and i think Truckersmp should make a mod so players can download the mod and get it in the game just like the skoda are in the game but like they cant go into sp. So thats why i think it should be in the game
  3. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    new truck chassis

    Hi, I think truckersmp can make a mod for all trucks in multiplayer so players could enjoy this. Here is the link of the image of truck shape ya can make a mod into for multiplayer.... https://imgur.com/a/PbYLwNz
  4. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    No profile's number/letter

    no like the new feul_cistern i put the code in from save edit but when i click quicksave and load into the gam half of my trailer is in the floor
  5. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    No profile's number/letter

    @aaln75 yes i save edit the reefer from the s trailer pack and its keep crashing and all the files r correct.
  6. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    No profile's number/letter

    Dear @aalb75 thank you it worked!!!
  7. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    No profile's number/letter

    Dear @Soul Knight no i haven't
  8. [?v?y-L]  pr?v?al??on_-

    No profile's number/letter

    Dear truckersMP, I'm having so much trouble with my files for the game the other day I was going to save edit on my first new computer but when I click on profiles it shows empty I was confused but I tried again and I did it again and it doesn't show no letters or numbers on my profile. help! https://imgur.com/a/vTBMXY6 There is the photo if you don't understand what I'm trying to say. Sincerely Ur customer.