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    Lëë is a lover of truck driving games and trucks in general,personally love this game the most out of all the simulators,played it 3 years ago with my friends over CD's, those were ''THE'' moments of starting a love towards this art! Keep up developers!

    Don't like bad drivers and Volvo is my man!
    I love watching streams about ETS2mp!
    I love covoys with people!
    I love genuinely nice people!
    I love long drives!

    Volvo Ranger!
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  1. I just accidently poured superglue in my mouth,thing that never happened to me before,I had to glue a wifi signal booster for my net boost,which i purchased the other day and the glue didnt wanna come out,looked soo squashed and empty,but the top didnt wanna open, i went to open it slightly with my teeth,and some drops of superglue poured in my mouth,my lips,my toungue(which was the worst of them all) and i felt like im gonna die haha,im really stupid -.- wont do that ever again, dont be stupid like me please! watch yourself! 

    1. ThatCrazyPillow
    2. OCEAN MAN


      TIP: never open a glue top or superglue top with your teeth,find some pliers or something! haha

  2. Morning :) :rolleyes:

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    2. CrackPrewier


      Good morning,have a nice day 

    3. OCEAN MAN


      Thanks guys, unfortunately im out of "reactions for today" (which i btw think its stuoid that you can get out of likes) but tomorrow i will like you xD so u dont think i like only 1 :lol::lol::P

      Have a good morning all,may you be happy! :)

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      good morning, have a nice weekend :P 

  3. Home sweet home! Now some coffee and relax time.

    You guys up for some convoy action today?

    I'm probably gonna do an event around 17:30 CEST, not exactly then, but estimated time.

    If you are up for a convoy or some fun multiplayer together, add me over steam then if you'd like (name: Lëë Sin Only ).

    Convoys are awesome way of connecting people together! 

  4. Convoy is gonna start soon!


    Everything is gonna be detailed here: https://ets2c.com/ (you may not yet find the Event,because it may not be made yet,have small patience please)

    Convoy is gonna start in the same city as the last time, and that is: Magdeburg (Germany)

    Convoy gathering: Magdeburg - Hotel 

    If you have any additional questions, ask me over Steam account, my Steam IGN is: Lëë Sin Only, feel free to add me even if you don't have any additional questions, I'm always open for friends and fun!


    Estimated time remaining untill start: around 20 minutes ( from the time when the status was posted)

    Cheers truckers! 

    See ya on road!

    Let's go! :D 

  5. Convoy Magdeburg Hotel > NewCastle Hotel has officially begun!! 

    If you still wanna join us,add me on steam and we will agree on some location,right now its just me and Fifa in the convoy! 

    my Steam:  Lëë Sin Only

    1. OCEAN MAN


      Convoy is officially over right this second! No more applicating untill later this night,we will organise another convoy later. Stay in touch

  6. https://ets2c.com/ I have a set up convoy! If anyone is interesed,contact me ! :)

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    2. OCEAN MAN


      I have made the new convoy event! Starting in 15:20 from Magdeburg's Hotel location,going to NewCastle Hotel! Contact me for convoy or join here https://ets2c.com

    3. The_Falcon
    4. OCEAN MAN


      @The_Falcon Im soo sorry mate :/ 

      But don't be soo sad,we are gonna be doing another one today,soon actually,in about an hour or little more,if you want I will contact you when the Event opens! 

      No probs man! Dont worry! :) 

  7. How are you all doing ? anyone up for convoy in about 20 minutes? :D if you are contact me, I will be playing on Europe 2 server :D

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    2. OCEAN MAN
    3. Lukavsky TMP

      Lukavsky TMP

      If you want make convoy,you can post on https://ets2c.com/

    4. OCEAN MAN


      @Lukavsky TMP oh wow,cool much thankss !! just what i needed :D

  8. If you are, add me on steam: Lëë Sin Only See ya!
  9. change of timezones

    uuu,good question!! cant wait to hear the legit answer
  10. Chat channels!

    Chat channels! This suggestion is about communication! Chat channels are a way of connecting multiple people inside certain areas of chat at once, I think it would be easier and cleaner in chat if there was multiple channels of chats that are easily accessably via a quick key bind, there would have to be 2 keys set to keybind, those could be (example) '' . '' and '' - '' to help player easily shift from 1 channel to another. I usually play arma 3 and this idea originaly came from that game. So we could have something like : - ''Global channel'' which is when a player types something in chat, everyone will see it. - ''Group channel' which is when a player and another player join (via invite/accept system) the same group. - ''Nearby channel'' which is when a player wants to communicate only to people in the short distance , of let's say example 50m (example2: driving next to a stranger wishing to tell him something). - ''City channel'' which is when a player enters a specific city, only the people inside the city will be able to see the message. That's it, and I don't believe we need a lot of channels, few is enough, just so we can ease up a little bit on the overall multiplayer chat. Tell me down below what do you think of my suggestion, is it worth it, thanks a lot for reading all! Suggestion Name: Chat channels Suggestion Description: (up above) Any example images: (down below) Why should it be added?: Cause it could seriously help people to connect with each other and ease up on general global chat which is now implemented in. Image show below is image from the game,but I have drawn a little on to it just to help you all somehow to visualize what im thinking of. Example: In Arma 3 game,if you are in a car,and someone joins your car,you can chose a channel ''Vehicle'' only to talk to a person inside the vehicle so you dont harass other players in chat, thats the whole thing I'm actually suggesting about. Hope you all liked my presentation, hope something can be taken out of it! Cheers!


    This is my national anthem xD

  12. How do you like the New Patch

    Hahahah I totally get you Glad that there's people still loving this as much as I do yeah,developers are really pushing the developement really good lately
  13. What a beautiful morning here from Croatia! Sun is risen and coffee is being made, hope everyone has a great start of the day! 

    Keep up the positive vibe!



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