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  1. Dangster[FIN]

    Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    Green or blue
  2. Dangster[FIN]

    The Last Post Wins!

    I will win, no one can stop me
  3. Dangster[FIN]

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because has KID in his name
  4. Dangster[FIN]

    [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea New Industries 2

    Ooh looks nice
  5. Dangster[FIN]

    Website v2.4 release

    Love the great work
  6. Dangster[FIN] Released

    Hopefully TMP will update for ATS soon
  7. Dangster[FIN]

    Trucks That Should Be Added to ATS

    Volvo. But they need to get license for it...
  8. Dangster[FIN]

    What do you think about the car drivers on C-D?

    I have nothing against car drivers who drive professionally. It makes me feel very good. But well trolls, you propably guess it, I hate them
  9. Dangster[FIN]

    Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    I have them enabled but due to reasons said above, I will most likely disable them.