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  1. wwesn Released

    you new to Truckers MP? That is normal after an update. ETS gets updated ASAP and ATS gets updated whenever they can get around to it in the next week or month
  2. wwesn Released

    What is the real reason now? Any datacenter that would not patch clients servers in this amount of time would not still be in business.
  3. Is the Europe ATS server about to crash now? Keeps disconnecting/reconnecting constantly!
  4. I wish they'd be honest. If the issue is financial for example, say so. There is no way any reputable hosting company would leave servers unpatched and vulnerable for this length of time!
  5. now the wait for the next reason begins ....
  6. If they have still not patched the server then I think you need to consider a new provider ....
  7. wwesn Released

    I am sure if ETS took weeks to get an update they wouldn't be complaining ....
  8. wwesn Released

    Only problem is that i notice mods are quick to close those threads & chastise people for opening them - i saw threads yesterday where people were saying they had issues connecting to ATS and the mods closed them right away saying something about the server issue - which was not the problem that people were having with ATS. Example:
  9. wwesn Released

    Good job fixing it for an OLD version lol
  10. wwesn Released

    Appears that way. When New Mexico came out it took almost a week before they made ATS playable again. ETS MP was back in hours lol. ATS has been unplayable all day and not a peep. But as soon as there was a ETS server issue they were all over that fixing it and providing updates
  11. Ever since that MP update last night/early this morning (ET) ATS MP has not worked. It has nothing to do with the game update that was released today. It was broken before that.
  12. wwesn Released

    No, ATS has not been working since a MP update last night/early this morning (ET). And then after that there was a game update which is not what broke it - it was not working before that update. But they just care about ETS - not a single comment, tweet, fb post about the ATS issues. They don't even seem to acknowledge the issue even though both ATS servers have been empty all day.
  13. wwesn Released

    Actually ATS was not working BEFORE the game update came out Thanks. That is why ATS Servers have had ZERO players on them since the MP update came out last night/early this morning. So stop your preaching. Sorry. Just one of my pet peeves - Forum Warriors not associated with the product that think they know it all.
  14. wwesn Released

    wasn't working before the game updated. I see all the ATS servers still have 0 people. And yet nothing from the devs? (not surprising though I guess as ETS is their main concern. ATS got an update and new map - took like a week to update so you can play. ETS you can play it again same day)
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