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  1. Hey truckers! :) I was wondering if anyone have a good game they could recommend, i'm a bit bored of the ones i have know and the game(s) i am after atm is a genre-mix of: colony/town/city- manager (like banished, Cities-skylines etc), if you have a good game in that type of genre to suggest please let me know :P





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    2. KaizerNO


      Hmn, really not my thing :P i'm a person who works best under stress. Thats why management games are fun to me :D But maybe i'll give it a go, thanks! :)

    3. stormpeaks66


      Serve cook delicious is a fun little cooking game with rush hours and stuff , can be pretty intense from time to time :)

    4. KaizerNO


      Okay, i'll be sure to check it out, thanks! :) For now, Rimworld got my attention :P

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