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  1. Hey truckers! :) I was wondering if anyone have a good game they could recommend, i'm a bit bored of the ones i have know and the game(s) i am after atm is a genre-mix of: colony/town/city- manager (like banished, Cities-skylines etc), if you have a good game in that type of genre to suggest please let me know :P





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    2. aaaMArtin


      The Emergency games are quite fun. Haven't tried the newest ones, but Emergency 4 is great fun. You are managing police, ambulance, and fire brigade in different scenarioes. It's moddable as well, so you can change up the units when you want to refresh the game. :)

    3. KaizerNO


      Like Emergency 4? I have seen some of "The Northern Alex"'s videos, seems quite fun :) Thanks! :)

    4. aaaMArtin


      Yes, as mentioned :P It is quite fun, and can be stressful as well!

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