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  1. Basher515 В игровом мире нагрузки генерируются результирующими кодами, и программа создается, хотя вы можете брать одну и ту же нагрузку друг на друга.
  2. Dear LIPtoH when changing a truck from a vehicle tol program, the game crashes after 20km.
  3. Dear LIPtoH nobody I noticed that at this time the program behaves incorrectly and it happens that the preservation deteriorates but again as you reported the upper paste it is beta versions and there may be pain and social legs if you think so this program at this time cannot be used for this reason Can you make changes to it so that it works correctly
  4. Good day!!! LIPtoH I found a lot of errors in your program, in the code, but the program is sutet well, can I make a change.
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