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  1. Thanks for the feedback to all, it’s great to hear peoples honest opinions of the route. Although, as mentioned there is other, challenging routes, which if busy would definately be the new hotspot, one of which is Milan-Innsbruck; featuring a windy, twisty road full of surprising sharp turns and small lanes. This road will put any professional driver to their limits, if this isn’t enough, try reverse parking a double B trailer into Taramani business area, doing it at night makes it tougher!
  2. In relation to your response, I made it because I wanted to see what others thought of the route. You didn’t have to comment if you didn’t wish to. Loving the positivity from the game mod
  3. I like the idea of the DLC, however in my opinion for the duration it’s taken for release I was expecting something well, more detailed. The Washington state DLC would definately look better with more features in it, monuments and other land marks famous in USA, I personally play ATS twice a week in which I do use my DLC’s and I have seen more comming from the ETS ones than the ATS ones, referring to detail.. that is.
  4. Good evening to all, I just wanted to see the community’s perspective on this route. Well known, famous for the highest crash rate. What do you think of the Calais to Duisburg route and why? personally, I like it as it can be a good challenge to people In driving exams, especially in Europe 2.. however, I do also dislike it in some ways because of the unrealistic role play that occurs with other members of TMP.
  5. I believe they should keep it and have it optional for those who want it or don’t, some may want it for realistic trucking experiences, others may not want it due to the time they have and the time for their delivery. Admins and moderators, may want to lock this thread and move it to solved.
  6. So reflecting on what everyone else has said, I have personally never known my reports to of been reviewed. However, with this being said. I have known some moderators to go on live streams and review game reports. I knew a few too who did the same thing, they in my perspective.. do get reviewed however it depends on the activity. Where as recently I haven’t seen many moderators in servers and I’ve seen countless incidents on th C-D route (Calais to Duisburg). But as others have said, it’s not physically possible for mods to keep track, in my opinion closing Europe 2 unless there’s a lot of mods on would definately give a response to this however people may dislike the appoach of closing a server, a true age requirement may need to be out in place with actual verification where possible to ensure that we don’t have the possibility of immature/unrealistic drivers in TMP. I know this might hurt for some but, TMP is about having a realistic trucking experience with friends, and realistic doesn’t confine to a car causing a 60 tonne artic lorry to go flying in the sky then have the car drive away like nothing has happened. Back onto the topic, I believe moderators should be more vigilant as I’ve only ever personally seen 1 mod a month if that, ingame.
  7. Shame I missed this, by the way @ADMINS this needs to be moved to solved I think it's outdated.
  8. Great idea, wonder if you can link youtube to the twitch channel. Little challenge for you
  9. I'm Legit listening to a 1 hour version of Wait by Maroon 5 (Link: )
  10. I would have to say C-D road (Calais to Duisburg) realism at it's finest (with all the crashes and angry drivers)
  11. This has been reported before but it's due to winter update because in real life. The days are a lot shorter and the nights are longer. This is the reason for it. When the winter update is over I'm sure the rule will be removed.
  12. Both answers above are good however it depends if he is referring to a mod or not as truck mods I believe are allowed however some are not. So could you elaborate please?
  13. I like the CD road because it’s busy which gives a better experience.
  14. Related to the above question, headlights are usually used during 6pm - 5am but they are most likely basing it on the winter times when the day goes quicker and the night lasts longer. Hence why they require headlights At 4pm.
  15. This isn’t a very good idea because 1, it would be invading their privacy I mean let’s be realistic, you won’t be able to view peoples speeds in reality unless your in law enforcement or possess a Radargun. So what’s the point In adding such a feature. Personally, it would cause havoc because the speed would drop and increase randomly and it would be another distraction to other drivers.
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