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  1. v2.20.5.0 (7th March 2023) [VTC] Fixed an issue with invitation permissions. Verbiage tweaks on server status page.
  2. [Game Moderation Trainee] @[C-S] Adrian22-PL został awansowany na pozycję Report Moderator.
  3. [Gracz] @BaKingPL dołącza do zespołu jako członek Add-On Team
  4. Not much will change. The only difference is that moderators won't have to decline reports from non-existing users manually anymore. I personally don't see how it could be abused. Anyway, if you have any concerns, you contact Game Moderation Management via Feedback system.
  5. It means that if you delete your account, all of your reports against other users will be automatically declined.
  6. v2.20.4.0 (18th February 2023) [VTC] Fixed an issue with blacklist and deleted VTC. From now on, all reports against other users will be automatically declined upon account deletion. Small report system improvements for staff members.
  7. [Player] @[C-S] Adrian22-PL powraca do zespołu jako Game Moderation Trainee.
  8. Hello, This has already been suggested: Therefore, I'm going to reject your suggestion. Thanks for understanding.
  9. v2.20.3.0 (28th January 2023) [VTC] Fixed an error that has occured when trying to create an invitation for non-existing user. Open and unclaimed reports can now be deleted at any time. Disabled possibility to edit the first report comment after the report has been claimed by staff member. Internal additions to the Polls & Survey system.
  10. v2.20.2.0 (6th January 2023) [VTC] Removed the member list visibility. The list will now always be public. Improved redirection after joining an event. Internal improvements.
  11. We are actively working on resolving that issue.
  12. [Translator] @play5tiko opuszcza zespół z powodów osobistych.
  13. v2.20.1.0 (29th November 2022) Improvements to internal API. Typo fixes.
  14. [Game Moderator] @[C-S] Shadii. opuszcza zespół z powodów osobistych.
  15. Thanks for the follow mate!

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