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  1. The C-D route would be a very different drive if people didn't overtake. Honestly I think it could be prevented with a speed limit of 100 km/h or so on that road. But if they do that people may stop driving that road and find a new one where they can troll. The reality of the C-D road is there's no safe place or time to overtake during peak hours, I've seen people wait for a clearing, go to pass, and then a truck comes the other direction and it causes an accident or the passing truck needs to slam their brakes and get back behind me. Problem is when they go to pass I let off and now I'm going slower making it so they have to slow down even more to get in. Personally I've come to like the routes near C-D because they have a fair amount of traffic without people driving so recklessly.
  2. Jesse-Lacey

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    150 km/h is already too fast if you ask me, I rarely get above 100 km/h, anything faster and you're just going to create accidents by not being able to control your truck. Especially since I have the truck physics set to be more realistic using console commands, if I went 150 km/h into a turn it would roll on it's side instantly.
  3. I actually like the Amsterdam to Groningen a lot, it's fun driving over the water like that. There's also a highway in the Alps I like a lot but I'm not sure which road it is exactly. I randomly stumble across it at times but it's got some decently steep hills making heavy loads fun.
  4. Jesse-Lacey

    Is winter mod coming back?

    Personally I don't miss it at this point, it's supposed to be a rare treat, and people saying "Sorry Winter Mod" after they crash because they were driving 150 km/h gets old really quick. If you want more realistic physics you can do it through the console, Squirrel had a good video on it, but you'll still be able to stop when you need to.
  5. Jesse-Lacey

    How many scenarios did you see? (Real operations V6)

    I saw a bunch of them, even the police chase in near Europoort lol. I fast traveled past Europoort just because I didn't want to get bogged down sitting in traffic there. The amazing thing is it took me two and a half hours to have an accident and I only got 3% damage from it. I also got a nice view of the line of trucks that went from Europoort to Amsterdam. It was pretty nice if you were heading away from the port.
  6. Jesse-Lacey Released

    Here I figured winter mod had run it's course and wouldn't be back till next winter. It was fun while it lasted, but I think I'm going back to normal.
  7. Jesse-Lacey

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    The people the are getting into accidents with winter physics are the same people that were crashing without it, they're just using it at an excuse. Getting rid of the physics won't stop those people from crashing in the first place. Personally I've had almost no issues with it, I've tapped a couple of people during panic brake situations but overall the physics don't make a huge difference until you drive too fast. It's a really fun addition, and where I live for whatever reason we've had almost no snow this year so it's actually pretty enjoyable to have for now. If you get off the C-D route and drive with some people it can be a ton of fun. C-D will always be a mess regardless of what physics we have.
  8. Jesse-Lacey

    Weird sound

    I notice that some trucks sound like they have an air leak or something that sounds really loud. Not sure what causes it, I heard someone talking about spamming the trailer connect or something like that, but I'm really not sure. Maybe that's what he is talking about?
  9. Jesse-Lacey

    Average driver rating (TMP only)

    I thought that it just went up as you leveled. Once mine hit 10 it just stays there lol.
  10. Jesse-Lacey

    The new update is more realistic

    So today I followed the guide Squirrel put up to tweak some of the new physics settings they added in 1.33 and it makes a huge difference. I use a G27 and the truck still feels good to drive, I think the biggest difference is when you aren't smooth with the controls, if you try to turn quickly it makes a big difference. There's a link to the video, there's three settings you have to change and I had no problem changing them in MP. I'm really glad they added this because I wasn't sure if any physics mods work with, or are approved for use in MP and therefore never tried any. But this certainly makes the truck feel more realistic along with the other changes made in 1.33 *Note* It's not recommended for people who use a keyboard, and I'm not sure how well it will work with a gamepad. Great for people who use a wheel though.
  11. Jesse-Lacey

    RiP C-D road

    I know it won't last but it's really nice right now. I've seen so much traffic almost everywhere I go in the Baltic DLC. Even saw a few small traffic jams in some areas. I noticed Finland is really popular most likely because of the new double trailers that are only available there.
  12. Jesse-Lacey Released

  13. Jesse-Lacey

    Suggestions for creating a constraint

    I think a speed limiter would work to stop so many people from overtaking because the speeds will be more normalized. My main problem is the I drive a truck that's set up to be kind of practical and only has 500hp. So naturally it accelerates slower and people try to pass me because they speed up faster. So I think the limiter would work, however, I think people would find a new road to populate. I don't know, it would be interesting to see.
  14. Jesse-Lacey

    Removing Calais-Duisburg From The Map

    I miss the old Europort traffic jams. It's fun to have a lot of traffic, the problem with C-D is simply the people who overtake. During peak hours there's no where that it's safe to over take there. I've been driving a J-Spec for awhile now, and when you don't have 700hp you get passed a lot and time and time again it causes accidents right next to me. But closing the route will not do anything, another road will become populated and that's where people will go. If you want to do a more serious trip then pick another route, I almost never get routed down that road without manually setting a waypoint.