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  1. I am from California, United States
  2. When i´m trucking i mostly hear music from the 80´s or 90´s
  3. Nope, the singleplayer is after one or two deliveries boring.. it makes a lot of more fun to play in multiplayer with friends or other online players
  4. Mostly the webiste report, ´cause the ingame report is to 99% usless
  5. PoppyCoffee

    Truck or car?

    I still like the truck more, but the car is also funny
  6. + GeForce Experience and PlaysTV But it´s easier to handle with PlaysTV
  7. I think the Balkan Countrys will be add. (Slovenia, maybe Croatia and Bosnia)
  8. The best is when people with "recording" in the Name starts to ramming you
  9. @CroTruck Hehe, nije moj kamion
  10. When i´m overtaking i use the numbers of the keyboard
  11. The Update will be great! Can´t wait to design my own trailer and drive with it in mulitplayer. I´m very excited!
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