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  1. Today GökBöru Public Event was amazing. Thanks for the invite @[GökBörü] Ricky [16] and @[GökBörü].Berk.. Also here is a photo which we took with @Dominik [SK] after the convoy in Dover.
    Photos can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/wr3Of4.

  2. B&Č Transport 3 Years Anniversary Convoy! Not many people would think that B&Č is gonna celebrate their 3rd anniversary but it is true, we were created by our current CEO Creeper_jax and Ex-CEO ASIR CZ, the company was and still is only for czech and slovak people so thats why probably not many of you know us. Our company was created on 21st June, but this year Harmony Convoys are hosting a convoy on this date so we will not fight again with them about participants. So if you will be on this Harmony Convoy you can watch our CEO work as Harmony Staff CC and watch our formation before the departure, because we are gonna do something special! We started to appear on public convoy this year, which were not created by czech or slovak people. We made some good friendships with some of the biggest companies and we are happy everytime when we have time to participate in their convoys and enjoy the convoy with them e.q. we started to going on RLC convoys from their 2nd Anniversary and I think from that time we missed only 1 convoy with them. This days we are appearing on different convoys and we are enjoying every one of them. So it is true we are going to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary and we hope that it will not be our last. Will you join us for our Anniversary? Everyone is welcome! Our last Easter Convoy was just a big success we had around 250 participants driving in the convoy, it was awesome, we got so many great feedbacks about B&Č Transport Convoy Control Team cooperating with Viva CC and people think its the best combination that they have seen. The whole convoy was going smooth, fast and everyone still had time to enjoy the scenery around them. Are you thinking about joining us for our Anniversary? Then dont waste your time and join us for this Anniversary convoy because we have prepared even better route this time for you not to only enjoy the convoy but enjoy the countryside around the road. Convoy Information: Date: 28th June 2020 DLC Needed: Going East Departure: Debrecen Destination: Rostock Cooperation with Viva CC is already confirmed! Time Schedule: Event Start: 16:30 GMT / 18:30 CEST Truckfest: 16:50-17:20 GMT / 18:50-19:20 CEST Event Departure: 17:40 GMT / 19:40 CEST Planned Event Arrival: 19:40 GMT / 21:40 CEST Truckfest Prizes: Best Attendance: ETS2 Road to the Black Sea Best Formation: ETS2 Beyond the Baltic Sea , + Pink Ribbon Charity Pack Best looking Public: ATS + New Mexico + Oregon Best looking VTC (winner will be announced at the end of the convoy): ATS New Mexico + Oregon ETS2 HS Schoch Tunning Pack + Cabin Accessories + Michelin Fan Pack Route: Event Rules: 1. Follow TruckersMP rules! 2. Only Event Staff can use cars! 3. Convoy control staff is able to use beacons, overtake convoy, join the convoy! 4. Overtaking is ONLY allowed if the person in front is lagging badly or if they are passing a crash! 5. Convoy Control, Media and event staff can block roads at junctions to keep the convoy on the right route! 6. You have to obey staff decision! 7. You have to keep some gap from other truck to avoid collisions e.q. 60-120m! 8. No free roaming for players exception of Convoy Control, Media and event staff, free roaming can resolve in kick! 9. At the end wait for "official convoy end" typed into the chat by TMP Staff and for pictures to be taken by Media Team! Additional information: Discord: https://discord.gg/WPtzqkr Attendance: https://ets2c.com/view/86174/creeper-jax-debrecen-service-station Booking form: https://forms.gle/zPXV3jAs7xutfAgQ9 Event Staff: Event Founder: CEO Creeper_jax Event Supervisors: TheMaty007, hajdr11cz B&Č CC Supervisors: Creeper_jax, TheMaty007, hajdr11cz, AchtungMann Viva CC Supervisors: Voltera, Andy TF B&Č Event Team email: [email protected]
  3. Thanks for a nice ride today with you [VTCSL] GIHAN G9. It was fun to drive from Petersburg to Palermo with you. See you on the roads. 

  4. Todays again great RLC convoy with Dominik escort ❤️ and nice CD ride after the convoy with @Dominik [SK] and @B&Č Transport Lukyn00013.
    Thanks for the convoy John and RLC Event Staff ❤️.


    1. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Nice pictures creeper! Great to hear you enjoyed the convoy 🥰

  5. Thanks for a nice ride today @Dominik [SK], @B&Č Transport Lukyn00013, @B&Č Transport CraftMAN CZ. Hope to see you on the road again

  6. Our today CD Road driving while escorted by our close friend @Dominik [SK]. Thanks for a nice ride Dominik and @B&Č Transport hajdr11cz, @B&Č Transport Lukyn00013

  7. Thanks for a nice ride @Dominik [SK] and my other drivers @B&Č Transport hajdr11cz@B&Č Transport TheMaty007, Lukyn0013, Zdenek-CZ, CraftMAN CZ #B&ČTransportFamily4Ever ❤️

    1. [GökBörü] Ricky [16]

      [GökBörü] Ricky [16]

      B&C have a good drive, see you on Sunday!! 😍 :wub:

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      great photo ❤️ 

  8. I dont think that this will change something up just people who drive 90+km/h would be needed to stop at red lights when noone is near them or on TAB and on arcade servers will be horiblem its better when tmp will change thier rules more to thr real traffic rules and add to them that they are mainly strict in high populated areas. From my perespective I drive 90+ and when Im near someone on TAB I drive likr I would be driving in real life but when noone is around me I dont stop for stop signs, red lights. So it would make no sence to go to bottom of Italy and stop for red lights when noone would be near me.
  9. Thanks for a nice, pretty hectic but nice and fun ride with you today @Dominik [SK]. I hope we will go for a next ride. See you soon :)❤️.


    1. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Great picture ! Scania trucks look great with the paintings you have on them. 🚛

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  10. Happy Birthday my lovely Eventer Piggy ❤️ Enjoy your day of born 

  11. Thanks for really nice escort through Duisburg-Calais-Duisburg road. It was nice to ride with you @Dominik [SK].
    Hope to see you soon.


  12. Thanks for a nice and fun ride with you @B&Č Transport Lonika. Hope for a next nice ride with you



  13. Thanks for a nice ride @[Chenxi/230]*White and @[Chenxi/COO]*Sange

  14. Thanks for all the rides for the past month @Dominik [SK]




  15. Yeah @Dominik [SK] thanks for jump scare when i was fueling up, almoast got banned for insulting you :D



  16. Thank you @Dominik [SK] and @Newo [CZ] for helping with our company convoy today. You were doing a great job!


  17. Thanks for a nice yesterday ride @Dominik [SK] and @B&Č Transport 19049_Spy. It was great.

  18. Thanks for nice drive again @19049_Spy [CZ], @pepa150cz, B&Č Transport Kofi, B&Č Transport Randeček. It was a lot of fun my drivers.
    Ďakujem za jazdu.




    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photo :wub:Nice parking :lol:

    2. B&Č Transport Creeper_jax

      B&Č Transport Creeper_jax

      That was not parking he crashed and hes cabin gone upper, that bug right now in game, which your cabin turns to 2 pieces but i didnt see it i just saw him flying :D

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      ah I see, makes for a funny photo tho :lol:

  19. Thanks for nice drive again @19049_Spy [CZ], @Newo, B&Č Transport Maty007,  B&Č Transport Želvína. It was a lot of fun my drivers
    Ďakujem za super jazdu.




  20. Thanks for nice drive @Dominik (iFlufy), @Newo, B&Č Transport Želvína. The foto is older.
    Ďakujem za super jazdu.




  21. Tak a jazda môže pokračovať v daždi s zamestnancami @B&Č Transport Decoy B&Č Transport Zelux :D




    Update: tak už sme 4 (B&Č Transport Hvezdas)



  22. Díky za jazdu dnes @Dominik (iFlufy), bolo to super :)



  23. Hi, i would like to ask if in some future will members of truckersmp or VTC be able to use on their Heavy Cargo convoys the yellow escort vans, which are using Event Team. Cause i have a VTC and we are doing sometimes heavy cargo convoys or some kind of Special Transport in MP with our Convoy Control Team, but we would like to do this type of convoy in the vans from singleplayer, so this is why im asking if players like me will be able in the furture use this vans on convoy?
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