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  1. I think it depends on controller, for me its hard to keep speed i want with keyboard so i stick to cruise control mostly. Its other thing with pedals when u have more control of truck cuz its not only 0/1 system, same thing with brakes so i cant use pneumatic brakes
  2. If this is a simulator i would think about making game even more real. All your ideas are great, i would add something like AEB system to trucks. Imagine mp trolls leaving game cuz of this
  3. 90% of skoda drivers who overtake me dont keep proper distance when going back on lane, its like right in front of my cabin and its dangerous in most cases. I always tend to be more careful when i see someone driving skoda especially without caravan (these are more 'normal' i noticed). Not even talking about single cars who just drive on some routes and try to find someone to ram.
  4. I play for a long time on mp (prolly since it came out, ofc had some breaks), but never tried to use mods there. It's bad now most of things are forbidden, im not much into tuning my truck (i enjoy more 'stock' like look) but local sound mod or paintjob for trailer would make game better for sure. Some people say other player mods can crash ur game, but i never experienced it, idk maybe im just lucky. Recently im getting some crashes after i press exit game but thats it, never got any when i was driving etc.
  5. Ahh, this explain a lot, so now we can any do stuff to improve look of truck/trailer localy or everything is forbidden ? I could just check it on my own, but there are many posts abut save editing and it will be easier to just ask.
  6. They changed something in save editing in the meantime ? I tried to get paintjob on my own trailer and it works, but i get instant kick from server because of detected modified accessories.
  7. I somehow got 650 millions (never used any software to add money or xp) on my legit 42 lvl profile, i guess its from hired drivers and some big time changes like connecting to mp or even travelling through garages. Now i have about 90 drivers and get like 1 million daily from company.
  8. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard+mouse Description of Issue: Zone for truck is on pier and u can't park manually, the only way to do it is auto parking. Another player had same problem like me, we just did auto-parking and called for assistance (after this truck is stucked on wall) How to reproduce: Go to Marina in Oslo with double trailer Screenshots / Videos:
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