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  1. That and consider changing your antivirus program maybe. Avast used to be very good, now it likes to get in the way a lot. I personally use Panda Free and Windows Defender in conjunction. Running Spybot S&D sometimes and keeping Windows and all crucial software up to date as well. My weapons of choice. Also keeping risky browsing far away from my Windows setup. I think Avast has a feature where you can turn it off for a certain amount of time, so if you forget to turn it back on it'll reactivate itself anyways. Also, I'd like to hope that most people can remember to turn a switch back on. On topic: Thanks for the update guys! Synched traffic lights and distance in tab is very welcome and I think I'm gonna treat myself with a delivery now. *honk honk*
  2. Thanks guys, just installed the latest version and going to go for a spin now, can't sleep at the moment anyways. Good journey might help me sleep in half an hour or so. Distance being gone and transparency as well as placement already sounds bad to me, but I like the rest. Avatars seem like a great idea. When someone crashes me I tend to remember their truck design, not their name (simply don't react fast enough to read the text). Sometimes they pull off the scene quite quick and then I won't be able to tell who it was by distance anymore, the avatar however at least will help me recognize them again, since you remember and spot visuals better than text.
  3. Ah come on guys, had a good laugh for a short while, left the city and kept on trucking. The 90° corner leading to the high way after leaving the port though, THAT was horrible. I'll have some harlem shake any day over getting stuck in port traffic, getting flung into the air and taking 100% damage making my game crash. Also, as rooL- said, guys are working for nothing but joy and dedication. I'm super thankful for their servers! Keep in mind, MP is in beta still, so there's that.
  4. Absolutely deserved, great job guys, the amount of dedication ETS2 has ensparked is fascinating.
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