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  1. Learn how to talk with people. No need to use caps lock you are not superior to us. Also you are goin too far away with BANS. You ban people for backing up for 4 Days and no evidence. Atleast respond to peoples ban appeal. Where do we make tickets against Game Moderators? i would like to get this unprofessional GM kicked.

    1. heyhococo


      https://truckersmp.com/feedback for complaints against staff members

      Also remember to allow 3 days before making a feedback ticket for no appeal response.

  2. thanks i deleted config.cfg and my mouse Works again. great staff thank you
  3. thats true. Im playing with OpenGL because its the only way i can have over 80 FPS in game ( multyplayer). With DirectX i have 10-15 fps on single player and multy as well. Last week we had a problem with launcher ( critical error report) but after 2 days an update was up and it was fixed. Now i will wait maybe they will update again the TruckersMP launcher so it will Works.
  4. Hello , its just my game or the mouse its not working when i acces TruckersMP launcher ? in single player it Works. thanks
  5. Thank you , this setting resolved my problem !. I appreciate your support guys i never meet this support in my life. Thank you for your time resolving my problem
  6. before i was launching the game with OPEN GL 64 and i had 120FPS if i launch with Directx 64 truckersMP mod Works but i get 23 fps lol
  7. Hey , after i downloaded the new patch i get an error on truckersmp mod everytime i try to launch ETS2 i get this error. ATS Works fine. Anyone ? I have the latest patch installed for ETS2. https://imgur.com/a/AiVH6
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