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  1. Congrats bhai :)

    1. Syntackz


      Thanks bud and sorry can't give rep now. :(
      i will give tomorrow:D

  2. @Sprinter318 [BY-4] Your recent ban video is an example to implement speed limit.
  3. @SL ET [PVT] Seventix(CEO) Me looking at your Ban history then looks at your post ^
  4. Well played TruckersMp :troll:


    Well..April Fools Day everyone :)Inked20180401132634_1_LI.thumb.jpg.a46de75933d26ec1ff809b3f5cd6bb81.jpg

  5. @Jackaroo05 Did you check the GPU Usage while playing the game? Sometimes it goes to 100% usage and cause in-game lags. Just restart the game to fix the lags.
  6. Akash

    Twitter giveaway

    Good luck truckers!
  7. Everywhere, by avoiding high traffic areas.
  8. Hello there, Recently I was trying to add Truckersmp forums on Tapatalk in my android device but it cannot find this forum page. I would love to keep all my forums pages on a single app and Tapatalk app does that. Since it almost supports 10,000+ forums, I would like to see Truckersmp in that list too. So, if there is any way to add Truckermp forum in tapatalk...please let me know. Thanks.
  9. ^ It's the mic issue. Still trying to fix it. For now I'll join Discord and try to fix it.
  10. I have some issues with Discord. Do you guys have any other community page?
  11. Well.. We are on the same boat @Sudip Banerjee It's the download loop. But I have a temporary solution for that. Thanks to @ProtoTypeGR, I followed his guide under Troubleshoot thread. Head over there and look for launcher problems and then click on Download Loop. Follow the instructions and you are done. Unfortunately you have to do this process every time when you want to play. Anyway.... I don't understand why we have to use a VPN to get this thing working? Edit:- You have to use VPN only for the first launch, but make sure you download available updates when launched through VPN. I just started playing the game a moment ago and this time I doesn't used any VPN. So, yeah..no more worries
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