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  1. Oh look, we share our brithday! Happy Birthday!

  2. Doing it through the console worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks, but getting unsupported job error when trying to take any job, even non-Schwarzmuller trailers.
  4. Is it possible with the new update that make the steering wheel a separate model to completely disable it ingame for us who use our own physical steering wheels? I heard some time ago that it should be possible by using the console. Not entirely sure if this can be done though.
  5. I would rather not downgrade as it always corrupt my save files. I'll be waiting with great anticipation.
  6. The car is going to be a pain as so far I have only seen people abusing them to overtake trucks in a most dangerous manner, and I found a group of ten people just trolling trucks trying to enter the port at Karlskrona.
  7. I did the mistake downgrading again and lost all my save data. Just gonns wait for the update as well, not worth risking.
  8. Will you guys support the newly released Steampunk Paintjobs? Alot of us are getting booted when using this DLC.
  9. Wake up and smell the coffee, this is 2016. I still fail to understand why people still stick with their old x86 operating systems and hardware when there is little to no support for it nowadays.
  10. I always get save game issues when they release new patches and I have to downgrade to an older version. Pretty much everytime SCS Software roll out a new patch, and the Multiplayer team try to catch up I have to start a brand new save file.
  11. Need better mirrors for the winter mod, the ETS2MP server is extremely slow.
  12. They are probably updating the link for it. I was too excited and installed the same version two times before I realized the version didn't match to the new patch. Edit: Now I believe everyone can download it.
  13. Whenever I try to do this by followng the video it corrupts the save file, (mad backups thankfully), and only show a bunch of NUL icons in Notepad++.
  14. If I say own the Scandinavian paintjobs DLC, but my friend doesn't. How will it look like for my friend when I drive up to him using the Scandinavian paintjobs?
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