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  1. It's ok! We appreciate you guys listening to you 'fans'! Maybe you should try to do /fix to fix this problem ;D. K I'll show myself out..
  2. Yes please enable physics
  3. Lamborgini Huracan in ETS2? So I was driving with the new Scania and the new Yacht cargo trailer and saw a bright blue vehicle on the other side of the road and tought it was a sports car. So I went to photo mode and flew to the car and there it was, a bright blue Lamborghini Huracan. Now you can say:"hey that's not special if you use mods." Well, guess what, this is a vanilla game with no mods installed. Pretty cool if you ask me. Here are some pics: PS: sorry for the bad quality picture and I tried to upload more but they are too big for this site..
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