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  1. DAF XF 105 have over 100,000KM on the clock
  2. Can't see the MP mod ingame

    Do you launch the game VIA the TMP Launcher? If so, Do get get a login screen?
  3. TruckersFM run by the amazing @London Truckers.FM<3 Awesome music, and awesome presenters
  4. Well done man! :D :mlg_doge:



      Thank you mate. B)

  5. Happy Birthday Digital <3

    1. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      Happy bday


      -Arctic Wolf :love:

  6. fatal error

    Try going to Steam, Right click the game, Properties, Local Files, then select Verify Game Files. Then try launching the game in just SP. If no luck, you may want to see if it creates a crash.log in your ETS2 folder under My Documents. If it does, Try popping that on something like so we can read it
  7. The Lazy Truckers

    Looks good guys! From the team at RFT, we wish you all the best <3
  8. What coding languages do you know?

    HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL
  9. do you have any other active games

    Rocket league
  10. Any shooter you recomment?

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a top pick by me
  11. I cant really give a favorite city, The entire Italy DLC is amazing and beautiful! As for Company: Marmo spa
  12. Volvo(New) vs Scania(New)

    Volvo for both looks and speed <3
  13. Calais

    This is true, I drive it all the time, but have a clean record and I drive it weekly, Some people do troll yeah, But there is the few that just drive it for fun and are decent drivers! Yes and no, I agree, but Ive seen some decent drivers down there, but crash in other places