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  1. Greetings, truckers! If you missed the original news post for the Racing Championship, you can check it out here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/208 Following our action-packed weekend, the results are now in from our Summer Racing Championship 2020! We saw a lot of you enjoying the custom tracks that we created dedicated to this event. Whether you were competing in the official races or just checking them out, we saw a lot of positive comments! If you were unable to attend, we've summarised the whole weekend below. Saturday - Day 1 On the first day of the weekend we invited players for a chance of competing for the qualifier rounds, where only the fastest would qualify for the Racing Championship. For this, we modified the TMP6 dragstrip located inside the grounds of the festival at Las Vegas! It was a unique experience for everybody. Eight players would take their turn lining up at the start line, anxiously awaiting the signal. Only two players would make it across the finish line as qualified drivers. A few hours went by, and we finally confirmed our 48 qualified drivers. Sunday - Day 2 For the second day, we designed four unique tracks across America. Six qualified players would take it in turns racing around the tracks, with the aim to cross the finish line in the top three positions. The top three would qualify into the next round, where they would be competing against harder components, with riskier and longer tracks. A lot of players were unable to keep up with the pressure and were left behind the fastest drivers. Finally, at the end of the day, we were left with only six finalists, which all would brace themselves for the most challenging track of them all - The Final. The final race would be the decision-maker of who would be crowned Racing Champion. So let's find out how our qualified players did! Results Below is a list of all of those that qualified for the championship, and what round they reached! Round 1 ionutx36 Dylan R Twix_Noodles AgentKillerMan Slakkie4x2 I brake for cake Diesel Wiesel Daniel #EDM02AM CBaccari suione SpeedTrain66 -Roadrunner- duvan965 sebasgeo19 Supercrosh djmtrlltc L-LATAM 02 Fran Truckerboy89 Puma Oredis isryr5 GoodFe11a Hoffen Diesel STREETRUNNER90 Round 2 - Quarter-Final callum450 AnonymousCRIPT davidlalinde1982 raitstas Lucas_photography2020 Austin_Phoenix sacevedom Ir NotAlex! jan9408 19049_Spy Sinyor. TheHighFiveMike Round 3 - Semi-Final MasterMusic SH13LD TFM_Flaming Jbu1337 Shay_Gaming SERIOUS b.v. [BX-PH-38] Round 4 - Final [BTS] RoadHunter66 [PL] 2ND PLACE HDLIGHT 3RD PLACE Spig_Xiao Zhu 4TH PLACE Deaf Team / Bünyamin 5TH PLACE Dark_Blanc 6TH PLACE Congratulations to everyone on getting so far into the Racing Championship! You can now show-off your success as you have all received a unique profile Award! Summer 2020 Racing Champion A lot of players came very far in the Racing Championship, but only one will come out at the top and be crowned our Racing Champion... In addition to being crowned Racing Champion, KingKrule also receives an exclusive Award on their profile. We're also throwing in a £50 Steam Gift Card! Please join us in congratulating him by posting on his forum profile! A huge thank you to everyone that participated and spectated during the event, we hope you had a blast! Please remember to follow the road rules when you're not driving on official tracks. Drive safe out there. -TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
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  3. Type of event: Official Racing Championship Server name: Racing Championship Summer 2020 URL to the thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/96308-racing-championship-summer-2020/ Organiser: TruckersMP Date and hour of the event: 13 June 2020 16:30 - 20:00 UTC / 14 June 2020 15:30 - 20:00 UTC Participants: 100+ Event rules: On Saturday the server will have collisions enabled to allow for the queue system in place. Each lane on the drag strip is seperate by a barrier. The dedicated event server will be classed as a 'freeroam' server on the Sunday, player collisions disabled, no speed limit. Racing participants and spectators at the event will be exempt from the following clause: §2.5 - Reckless Driving (Being outside of map boundaries) Racing participants will also be exempt from the following clause when actively racing: §2.5 - Reckless Driving (Racing other players) Cars are not permitted for use when racing. Participants connected to the server must remain at the designated event locations. Free-roaming elsewhere will result in removal from the server. An exception applies for fuel/service trips. Participants must follow all instructions given by staff. Failure to comply/respond will result in disqualification from the event. If you are Away From Keyboard (AFK) for your designated race, you will be disqualified. Sufficient notice for the upcoming race will be given. Spectators must not enter the designated event racetrack, or otherwise interrupt the race. This will result in a ban from the network for the duration of the event. All additional TruckersMP rules will apply (https://truckersmp.com/rules). Notably: §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing - Will result in a permanent ban from the network. Any of the above-outlined rules violated will also result in a ban from future official racing championships.
  4. Type of event: Real Operations URL to the thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/95780-real-operations-30-may-2020/ Organiser: TruckersMP Date and hour of the event: Saturday 30 May 2020 15:00 - 19:00 UTC Participants: 1500-2000 Event rules: 1) Participants must not interfere with the Operations planned by the TruckersMP Team. 2) Participants must yield to all emergency/service vehicles. 3) Overtaking is allowed, only when safe and legal. Overtaking queues of traffic is forbidden. 4) Participants must drive on or near the Real Operations V9 event zone (https://imgur.com/hve9aEs). Free-roaming in other cities and roads is forbidden. 5) Participants are required to obey all staff instructions. It is possible you will be pulled over or directed to move out of emergency vehicles paths. 6) In this event your vehicle should not exceed three (3) trailers
  5. Post approved! Good luck with your event!
  6. Post approved! Good luck with your event!
  7. We still have around another 200 badges to award. I awarded another 150 this weekend. Your patience is greatly appreciated I aim to finish them by the end of the week if possible. However, this may get delayed due to commitments outside of my control.
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