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  1. Hi Let's Die Together,


    First off welcome to TruckersMP's forums.


    In terms of your red circle next to the mod that means the version of ETS2 is unsupported therefore the mod will need to be updated to the latest version before it can be used again . Although as you say it only persists in multiplayer checkout the details below.


    In TruckersMP only base game content is supported. This is because if mods were supported people would have to download each individual mod and some players would feel left out that their own mod couldn't be included (Well over 1 million players!) due to storage.




  2. Trolls will be trolls and reducing the speed limit won't fix it. All it's teaching people to do is drive to the maximum speed limit which encourages more reckless driving which in turn creates more reports. O_o I think the changes may be more warmly received if there was still the option to have and Eu2 style server where reckless driving wasn't enforced but collisions were. But who knows. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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  3. I mean if you prefer a place where the speed limit is enabled then you can play on EU1. They have made a simulation server that is different from EU2 so that people who want to play serious can. It allows everyone to be happy. :) 


    Have a good day :D 

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  4. I like the new MAN lorry a lot actually. I get the impression that the next tuning pack may be for the MAN lorries because of the way the customization points are structured at the moment in game. Wouldn't take much changing to include this or if this is in the pipeline.

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Not really. TMP is the only reason I play ETS2 now. Its virtually the only game I play because you always see something new every time you drive. Usually a car flying off into the ditch :)  . SCS has a lot of money out of this community and owes a lot of respect to the people that created this Multiplayer modification as this is what has kept the game alive (and their income flowing) without this as many people have said it would have probably got boring. Even though I played this game for 2 years before the first multiplayer version was released (ETS2MP).


    Drive safe,



  6. Hello jonascabooter,


    In order to play on TruckersMP you will need to downgrade your game in order to play. You can follow these steps below in order to do this:


    Step 1:

    Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your steam library and then select properties



    Step 2:

    Click betas then click on the drop down box and finally select the highlighted version in the image:



    Step 3:


    Wait for the game to download and install and you should be able to play as per before.


    I hope this helps you and feel free to contact me with any further questions.





  7. Dear DreamItDoIt,


    Using the console to upright your vehicle is indeed prohibited and could lead to punishment. I suggest using the F7 feature as you mentioned to ensure that you are not breaking the rule in the photo. 

    I hope that helps your understanding of the issue and prevents you from being punished :) .


    Have a good evening,



  8. Dear Itzzcolt,


    Here is a useful guide in order to play the TruckersMP.


    Step one:

    Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your library.



    Step two:

    Click on properties to bring up this menu and select



    Step three:

    Select Non opt out of all betas:



    Step four:

    Wait for it to download and install then TMP will work.


    Have a good evening,



  9. See the Volvo has more power but I find that the Scania handles better and for the 20hp decrease and the better looks and increased customization I have to say the Scania is better. 


    Have a good day all and safe trucking

  10. Dear Chemistry l TeamAudi,


    It means that mod outlined is supported in that it uses the base game content but it makes it more accessible or increases the ease in that it can be used. It means that the worries with save editing disappear if TruckersMP have supported the mod. So that you shouldn't be breaking any rules. 


    Have a good day,


    Kind regards,



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