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  1. The entirity of Scandanavia is highly detailed. We need more thin, and difficult roads as the current ones aren't that challanging!
  2. EU2 server purpose

    I play EU2, on the C-D because I play MP to drive with others. The unfortunate side-effect of this is the fact that you will 80% of the time, get rammed along the way. However, you get some more road sense and a lot of the time I predict when someone is going to do something dumb, avoding it. /fix is an easy solution to the issue, fixes your truck to allow you to continue your journey (not trailer damage however).
  3. Most Player on TAB?!

    I've seen a few hundred around the C-D (no screenshots). Some of these are crazy though!
  4. Add a "cooldown" time to every account that has been deleted

    Ban evading is a potentially large issue that needs adressing. This is a good idea, it would be nice to see some more preventive action against it.
  5. New Game Mode

    It's a whole new aspect to the game. Hopefully the people who play on it will be more sensible, and less "I'm gonna overtake with people driving towards me"...
  6. What is the most useless/ugly DLC for you?

    I don't use the paint packs. Scania and DAF are probably the best / most useful.
  7. Reckless drivers. It's not just Skoda's too, its the people who overtake and drive too fast. I get people coming right up behind me and telling me to go faster - usually see them tipped over or rammed into someone further down the road.
  8. Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    They are a bad idea. People swerving around, smashing into others, it's an excuse for ramming and bad driving. I turn all mine off and I think they should be banned on TMP.
  9. Do you follow real traffic rules?

    I am an examiner for my VTC. I also drive in real life... I follow all the rules myself. If others did, maybe there would be less accidents.
  10. The game is breaking

    Does anything come up in your chat (about invalid mods, etc)? Does your game work in offline? From the description, this could be many issues.
  11. Parking in drop yards

    I do agree. It's difficult to park when there are people parked all over the place, as you often can't then see the drop area. I've heard in some ATS servers people treat NCZ's like collision zones.
  12. Krone Trailer

    This is the way of editing the colour of your trailer, in this case a KRONE. It's the directory to the file that has the trailer in. Try this: This is a much easier way of doing it.
  13. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    Yes, I don't mind overtaking on quiet, well sighted roads but people who overtake on busy roads, such as the C-D bug me.
  14. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    ^ Don't get me started on overtaking! I am fully anti it - after one of my bans a year ago, I refuse to overtake now. Some people take too many risks on that road, usually ends up with the sensible people having to F7...