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  1. Hello, can you allow navigation mods to truckersmp? if yes, its good i have my own navigation
  2. Hello, I want delete bans you know why? I want be Game Moderator and Kick,Or ban Idiots i dont like crashing Peoples and NoClipers its any thing to dont wait 1 year from ban? its small bans and if i have this bans i am at the ride Nervous if i be Game mod (or only remove bans) i be very Happy Only if it goes Remove my bans from History I want be recruit to VERY VERY GOOD A-TEAM
  3. Hello,Please write Someone, To turn off My authenticate
  4. Hello i am back my authentication i dont have Code any Backup code WT... If i dont verify account with this i dont have Acess to support, Account setings and more THX for any HELP PHOTO: https://ctrlv.cz/CfRW
  5. My mum uninstalled this Authenticator and today i must download back but what is my code?
  6. But what code?! i dont see any
  7. Hello i need login to my Account and need authenticate But i dont have ANY CODE HERE! Please Authenticate Please enter the token from your authentication app. Is your app unavailable? Enter a backup code instead! 123456 I dont see any Authentication Code ! My tablet need authentication Code Here you have photo https://ctrlv.cz/L3Dn
  8. Hello i have problem with my euro truck simulator 2 MP and SP how to uninstall reshade? my menu with reshade is be very very bad HERE YOU HAVE SCREEN thx for help -Martin
  9. I tried this and Nope Say i have version 1.30.2 it is fake text! i have installed 1.32!
  10. Hello i have one bug in opening truckers mp here you have photo it is on the web https://ctrlv.cz/pJMp I have newest version and game say you have version no! i have version 1.32 i try install old version and back
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